Fellow Spotlight: Dhananjay’s Pursuit to Provide Fresh Drinking Water Across India

Giving By Robyn Burns May 31, 2024

The Western Union Foundation is proud to support young entrepreneurs who are advancing and growing their community ventures. This past year’s fellowship included 47 emerging leaders who were provided with business training and seed funding to support their efforts to positively change the world.

“My experience in the Western Union Foundation Fellowship has been incredibly enlightening. Not only have I had the chance to learn from some wonderful instructors, but also from my peers. I have also been at the receiving end of some generous doses of empathy,” said Dhananjay, co-founder of DetoXyFi.

Dhananjay launched DetoXyFi in 2021 with the mission to provide equitable access to safe drinking water. The organization has developed a filtration solution that utilizes waste wood and safe chemical processing to combat waterborne diseases. DetoXyFi’s focus is on serving disaster-affected communities through sales to humanitarian organizations and the military, with the goal of increasing access to clean drinking water during emergencies. Dhananjay and his team hope to eventually expand beyond India to help people in underserved communities around the world.

“I am grateful to not just be a part of the Western Union Foundation Fellowship, but I also hope that I can continue to learn and contribute to the Fellowship community and broader society through Western Union Foundation’s resource pool, both now and in the future.”

The Western Union Foundation launched the Fellowship in partnership with Watson Institute in 2021 to provide entrepreneurs with business training and seed funding to grow their own community-focused ventures. The impact of the program is further amplified by Basecamps that each Fellow organizes to provide training and resources to community members. To date, the Western Union Foundation Fellowship and Basecamps have supported more than 6,000 individuals.

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