Western Union commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King Junior

Go Global By Nicole Vogrin January 17, 2021

As you know, today is MLK Jr. Day, a national holiday in the U.S. I’m proud that besides observing this important day as a company holiday, we at Western Union also observe and promote it as a national day of service—often referred to as “a day on, and not a day off.”

We believe that the core values Western Union strives to uphold—Purpose Driven, Globally Minded, Trustworthy and Respectful—are a true reflection of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His fight against racial injustice and the message of equality and peace he carried continue to inspire us, and we are encouraging our employees, Agents and customers in the U.S. and beyond to use this day to listen, learn, reflect and engage in activities that support their local communities.

Among the activities we are encouraging our employees, Agents and customers to engage with and support are:

We hope you will consider taking part in activities in your own community as well. It’s easy to get involved or make a donation.

The MLK Jr. Day of Service is a tangible way to transform the teachings of Dr. King into action by helping communities and organizations who need it most. We at Western Union are proud to help do our part to bring Dr. King’s dream to life.