How to transfer money to Jamaica with Western Union Canada?

Canada By Mitchell Steiman February 11, 2022

Western Union is an overseas money transfer company present all around the globe. In Canada, this kind of international operation is generally carried out to some specific agent locations, such as transferring money to Jamaica. Many Jamaicans migrated to Canada aiming for a better future and professional opportunities in the country, but still keep contact with family members and friends in their homeland.

So, if you also need to send money to Jamaica, count on the Western Union Canada app. Check out more below.


Learn how to transfer money to Jamaica using the Western Union app

Are you already familiar with the Western Union Canada app? You can use it to transfer money to Jamaica without leaving home whenever you need. It is easy and intuitive. Since it is completely digital, you gain more agility in the transfer process. Send money to Jamaica right away downloading our app and registering with your personal data.

After registering, necessary only for the first access, select the country and insert the amount you wish to send in Canadian dollars. Next, choose how the receiver will collect the money, either in cash at a Western Union store or directly in their international bank account. Soon you will check the amount the receiver will collect in local currency – Jamaican dollar (JMD).

Now you only need to select your payment preferences and finally pay the total amount with fees. Once the money is received, you will also get a confirmation email. If you wish to track the operation, take down the transaction control number (MTCN). This way, you can track it in real time.

Isn’t it simple to transfer money to Jamaica? In few minutes you send the amount you need completely online. From Canada, you can also carry out this kind of operation to Haiti, the USA, Turkey, Mexico, the Philippines, among others. Check out the full list and rates by trying a simulation in our app. Enjoy all our benefits.

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