Snag a Scholarship for Studying Abroad as a Canadian Student

Canada By Janaina Da Costa September 22, 2022

A list of available scholarships for Canadian students to study abroad all over the world.

Are you looking to snag a study abroad scholarship? Canadian students have lots of different options to study at universities all over the world. Even though studying abroad can get expensive, there are many scholarships available to help alleviate the cost. Whether you wish to study in Scotland, Japan, or even Australia, there are scholarships available specifically for Canadian students. We’ve made a list of all the latest scholarships available, so you can make your explorations dream come true.

Scholarships for Canadians studying abroad in Asia: 

Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program 

If you’re interested in studying in China, Global Affairs Canada and the Chinese Ministry of Education collaborated to offer scholarships to Canadian students pursuing their studies in China. There is a special emphasis on language studies from participating Chinese institutions.

MEXT Scholarship Program

Have you ever wanted to live in Japan? Scholarships are available to Canadian students looking to study in Japan or pursue Japanese studies. These scholarships are awarded by the Japanese government.

Commonwealth Scholarship Plan 

For Canadian students interested in getting their master’s degree or doctorate in India, you can receive a scholarship funded by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

Scholarships to study abroad in Europe:

DAAD Scholarship

Are you interested in attending school in Germany? The DAAD scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing an education in STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). In addition to a tuition scholarship, you’ll also receive a cost-of-living stipend.

Think Swiss Research Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to Canadian students who have completed their second year of undergraduate studies and plan to conduct research in Switzerland. The student must arrange their own research opportunity conducted under an advisor from a Swiss university.

The EU Erasmus Program 

The European Union offers Canadian undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to study at a participating European university. This is a short-term scholarship for 3-12 months, and the program credits must be transferable to your university back home.

Scholarships to study abroad in Australia & New Zealand: 

Canada-Australia Partnerships and Scholarships 

The Australian and Canadian government set up this partnership to promote cross-cultural relations. There are many different initiatives available for Canadian students to study at Australian universities.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

This scholarship is available for doctorate-level Canadians hoping to continue their education or research in New Zealand.

Scholarships to study abroad in the UK:

Chevening Scholarship

Canadians pursuing a master’s degree in the United Kingdom can apply to the Chevening Scholarship. Awarded by the UK government, this scholarship funds both tuition and travel to any UK university for a full year.

Saltire Scholarship 

The Saltire Scholarship is awarded to Canadian students who wish to study in Scotland. The Scottish government awards this scholarship to students who demonstrate their eagerness to continue their educational pursuits at a university in Scotland.

Scholarships to study abroad in the U.S.: 

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships

Have you ever wanted to study at the prestigious Harvard University? This scholarship was created to promote scholarly exchange between the U.S. and citizens of the British Commonwealth, including Canada and other countries.

Canada-US Fulbright Program

This opportunity is available for Canadian students to pursue research and study opportunities within the U.S. The program operates on the principle of reciprocal exchange and is awarded to Canadian students focused on public service.

A number of scholarships are available for Canadian students to broaden their horizons and live outside their home country. If you’re looking for more resources, lists over 17,000 scholarships and awards for Canadian students. Hopefully, this scholarship guide makes it easy for you to start or continue your education abroad.