3 cities you must visit in Qatar

Canada By Janaina Da Costa Dec 8, 2022

Qatar is hosting one of the biggest sports events in the world this year and if you are traveling to watch some of the matches, you are probably wondering which cities in Qatar you should visit.

If you are planning a trip and want to escape the hustle and bustle of Doha, we recommend visiting these charming towns and cities in Qatar. Some of them have unparalleled historic landmarks, so get your camera ready to take impressive photos during your stay.

Cities in Qatar: which one should you visit?

While the country’s capital, Doha, has developed rapidly, many of Qatar’s villages and cities have remain for decades. Some of these sites were abandoned in the last century, and the ruins of homes, mosques, and forts tell the rich history of a nation.

Below, you will get to know the cities in Qatar that must be on your plans! Check them out:

1 —  Al Khor

Al Khor was once a famous center for the pearl market in Qatar. The landscape is dominated by three watchtowers, some restored to their original appearance. One of the best beaches in Al Khor is Al Thakira, where you can relax in the sun and cool off in the gentle breeze.

Fishing and kayaking are some of the most popular activities in the area. If you want some privacy, head to Farkeh Beach or Al Khor Island, where Purple Island Beach is the main attraction.

2 — Al Wakrah

Al Wakrah is precisely what you imagine in a typical Arab city. Despite its proximity to Doha, it is an excellent place to escape the capital’s skyscrapers. On the pier, you will find the Al Wakrah Heritage Village, where you can taste of medieval life in Qatar.

As you stroll Souq Al Wakrah’s labyrinth of alleys and courtyards, you’ll learn about the fishing and pearl crafting tradition that transformed the small village into a major port city. Definitely, one of the cities in Qatar you should visit.

3 —  Al Zubarah

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013, Al Zubarah is one of the most impressive walled cities in Qatar. It thrived as a trading center during the 18th and 19th centuries and was abandoned in the early 19th century when the pearl trade waned.

Fortunately, the sand that the wind brought in from the desert has preserved the remains of historic buildings, such as palaces, houses with a central courtyard, fishermen’s huts, and mosques.

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