5 best cities in Canada for Filipino immigrants

Canada By Janaina Da Costa August 6, 2022

Every year, Canada receives countless Filipino immigrants, who arrive here searching for better education and work opportunities, as well as life quality and security. But, before doing this important change, it is fundamental to know more about the country, the cost of living, to choose the best city according to each person’s goals and lifestyle.

To help you with this choice, Western Union Canada has indicated Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton for Filipino immigrants. Keep reading this article to know more about these cities.

Check out 5 cities in Canada for Filipino immigrants

1- Toronto

Toronto, Ontario’s capital, is the biggest city in Canada and the fourth most populous in North America. Toronto receives several immigrants every year, including from the Philippines. Toronto is a multicultural and welcoming destination. Besides that, Toronto stands out in several areas, such as education, infrastructure, security, health, and financial stability.

In 2017, Toronto ranked fourth in The Economist’s world’s best cities to live in. It is also one of the safest cities in Canada.

2- Vancouver

For those looking for a city with lots of nature, Vancouver is a good choice. The place has several parks, mountains, and tree-lined streets. It is one of Canada’s most beautiful places to live in and also offers life quality, security, and a very efficient transport system.

Another interesting fact is the city’s cost of living, which is not that expensive compared with other regions of the country. Therefore, this city definitely worth your consideration.

3 – Winnipeg

Mixing historical and modern architecture, Winnipeg is an important economic center in the country. Because of this, it is a good option for those looking for jobs in segments such as industry, health, education, and commerce.

The city also offers a huge cultural variety, with museums, art galleries, and various types of festivals throughout the year.

4 – Calgary

The third most populous city in Canada, Calgary is home to the country’s leading oil companies and has the third-largest oil reserve in the world.

Besides, the destination offers a lot of job opportunities in industry, transportation, technology, energy, cinema, and more. Calgary is also considered one of the safest and healthier cities in the world.

5 – Edmonton

Edmonton attracts many immigrants from the Philippines and other parts of the world because of its oil and gas hub. The destination has a very favorable labor market and constantly needs skilled labor. It is a multicultural and diverse city that receives many people from other countries.

MoneySense magazine considered Edmonton the third best city to live in Canada.

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