Why People Love Perth – and You Will Too

Australia By Elizabeth Rozas Dec 6, 2022

Perth is a city of fascinating contrasts. It’s the capital of Western Australia with a vibrant and welcoming population, yet it’s famously remote. The cost-of-living is low, while wages tend to be high. And it has a large and growing population, but you’re unlikely to feel too crowded or cramped here.

If you think you could fall for the charms of this great city – here’s what you should know.

What does Perth’s remote location actually mean?

Perth is one of the world’s most geographically isolated cities. Australia’s other three biggest cities, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, are all located on the east of the country, while Perth lies way over on Australia’s western edge.

Perth is actually closer to Jakarta in Indonesia than it is to Australia’s capital, Canberra. Of course, this could well be a selling point if you’re planning to move from Indonesia!

However, Perth’s large and diverse population means that, while the city tends to feel more relaxed than most cities its size, it could never be called boring. And when your neighbors are picture-perfect beaches and unspoiled mountains, it’s hard to feel too annoyed that there are no other big cities nearby.

4 Reasons Perth Locals Love it

A Warm Welcome

Perth is known for the friendliness of its locals and its laid-back way of life. Maybe it’s the way the city sprawls or its isolated position, but you’ll find there are fewer cars on the roads; less of a sense of “rush,” even in the heart of the city; and a generally relaxed atmosphere.

You certainly won’t stick out as an immigrant in Perth. Around 40% of the city’s population were born abroad, and certain Perth suburbs have the densest population of British people outside of the UK. You don’t have to be a Brit to be welcome though – UK immigrants are just the largest contingent in the great melting pot that makes up the Perth community. There are also organizations that help welcome immigrants here, like the Perth Indonesian Community.

Beautiful Beaches

Perth’s remote, coastline location makes it the perfect destination for those who love the sea. Move here and you’ll have your pick of 19 exceptional beaches, internationally acclaimed for their beauty, yet, often, all but empty.

Expect soft white sand and clear crystal waters, reflecting the deep blue of the Perth sky. And you’ll have just the right weather to enjoy these beautiful beaches – with an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day, Perth is the world’s sunniest city.

Amazing Affordability

A report commissioned in 2022 revealed Perth has the lowest cost-of-living of the four largest Australian cities.

This is largely down to the city’s highly affordable housing, including lower mortgage repayments, but other costs such as transport, food and entertainment were also found to be lower in Perth.

Better still, people in Perth also have a high average income and the median household income is higher than both Melbourne’s and Brisbane’s. Only in Sydney is it higher.

Earning a good wage while having to spend less on essentials makes Perth an excellent choice if you’re planning to send money back home after you move. And Perth’s isolated location is no issue when you have so many great options for transferring money across the globe.

For example, Western Union offers a variety of ways to send funds from Australia to Indonesia (or wherever you need it to go) – from simple online transactions to a dedicated app.

If you’d like a helping hand with your transfer, you have 150 physical locations to choose from in Perth, including participating Australia post offices. You can find your closest Western Union branch here.

Good Employment Options

Perth has plenty of employment opportunities, particularly for those with an in-demand skill.

Western Australia is the country’s mining capital, and many businesses in this area often struggle to find the manpower to meet demand. So you’ll have especially good chances of finding a decent job if you have experience in the mining industries or easily transferable skills.

If manual work isn’t for you, you’ll also find plenty of interesting corporate roles in Perth, where several of Australia’s biggest corporations have their headquarters.

This is just a snapshot of what makes it so hard not to fall in love with Perth. If sun, sand and savings sound good to you, why not make it your destination and discover all the city has to offer?