Victoria: An Economic Hub For Expats

Australia By Elizabeth Rozas Oct 31, 2022

Victoria, the southernmost state in mainland Australia is the most popular place for Indian expats to make their home. Moving to Australia is a huge change of lifestyle for those coming from abroad, so why do Indians in Australia choose Victoria over the other states?

Why are Indians moving to Victoria?

Melbourne is the city of choice for most Indians moving to Australia. It boasts some of the best universities in Australia, and it has more affordable property prices than Sydney.

Indians value higher education, so the opportunity to study at a top-class university and gain permanent residency in Australia is very attractive. In addition, many Indians come to Victoria on skilled visas for jobs in medicine, IT, accounting, and engineering. These migrants are an asset to the Australian, economy bringing much needed skills into the workforce.

Which are the most popular cities in Victoria?

It won’t come as a surprise to hear that Melbourne is the most popular and populated city in Victoria. In 2022, the population of Melbourne was almost 5 million1. According to World Atlas, after Melbourne, which has around 80% of all inhabitants in Victoria, the next largest cities are small in comparison.2 These include Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo.

What business opportunities are there in Victoria?

With Australia being a politically and economically stable country, Indians can start their own business in Victoria by applying for a business visa to enter the country. There are a few different types of business visas so it’s a good idea to seek the help of a professional when making your application. The most common businesses owned by Indians living in Victoria include restaurants, grocery stores, clothing, beauty salon, child or eldercare, cleaning, marketing, accounting, and many others.

There are 84 registered Indian associations/organizations in Victoria. The most prominent include Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria (FIAV), Australia India Society of Victoria (AISV) and Celebrate India. These organisations offer a range of services for Indians moving to Australia including promoting two-way cultural understanding, networking and mentoring opportunities for new arrivals, social activities and special cultural events, and fundraising activities to support individuals or families in difficult circumstances. These organisations can make the transition period for new immigrants to Australia much smoother.

Why else do Indians in Australia move to Victoria?

Indians moving to Victoria can become part of a growing and vibrant community with plenty of cultural events which celebrate the Indian heritage. There are eight Hindu temples and six Gurdwaras in Victoria as well as are eight centers of Hindi and Punjabi learning in the state. There are also several Indian dance and music centers in Melbourne. Victoria has a safe and accessible transport system, renowned restaurants, and a thriving calendar of sporting, arts and cultural events. Beach life is also a big feature of living in this state with Victoria having almost 700 registered beaches. Victorian beaches start at Cape Howe in the east and end at the Glenelg River near Nelson in the west.

How to get support to move from India to Australia

Moving to Australia from India offers a wealth of educational, economic and lifestyle opportunities for Indians keen to experience life in another continent. To understand the different visa types and the application process, visit the Australian Government website. If you are moving to Australia from India, you might want to send money back home. Western Union’s money transfer app is fast and simple to use making it easier than ever to send money internationally.