Beyond Sydney: Where to Ring in the New Year in Australia

Australia By Elizabeth Rozas December 28, 2022

Welcoming the new year in Australia is really special, whichever part of the country you’re in. If you can’t make it to the world-renowned Sydney New Years Eve event, there’s no need to despair. Amazing celebrations can be found all across the country.

What’s So Great About a Sydney New Year’s Eve Anyway?  

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are iconic for a reason – there’s nothing quite like seeing in a new year to the fireworks spectacular that takes place over Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve offers not one, but two sensational fireworks displays. The family-friendly show at 9 p.m. is ideal for families with little ones with a sleep schedule to protect, while the classic midnight display is famed as one of the world’s very best.

However, the brilliance of Sydney’s festivities shouldn’t overshadow some of the other amazing options for a happy new year in Australia.

A Waterside New Year’s Eve in Brisbane 

Brisbane offers another great opportunity to enjoy the magic of fireworks over the water, with its annual Story Bridge festivities and plenty of other ways to celebrate along the beautiful Brisbane River.

Like Sydney, Brisbane offers an earlier firework display in addition to the midnight extravaganza, at the Lord Mayor’s NYE Fireworks display that takes place on the river at South Bank Parklands. There’s all kinds of other fun options from festivals to parties to check out too, with different themes and styles each year.

A Foodie’s Delight New Year’s Eve in Hobart 

If you’re a foodie, Hobart should top your list for New Year’s Eve destinations. The Taste of Summer festival is Australia’s largest food and drink festival, running every year from the end of December to the beginning of January. It includes a special New Year’s Eve event with live entertainment, waterfront fireworks and, naturally, amazing food and drink options to enjoy as you celebrate.

The Taste festival is just one option for ringing in the year in Tasmania’s capital. There’s an array of exciting events each year, most of which center around the Derwent River.

New Year’s Eve Your Way in Melbourne

Melbourne’s skyline really lends itself well to fireworks and laser displays, so it’s an excellent choice if you like to see the new year in with a bang. Every year there’s an extravagant display and celebration in Yarra Park, and you don’t have to be in Yarra Park to see it. Many enjoy the show from rooftop parties, celebratory dinners or impromptu gatherings around the city.

If you want an alcohol-free celebration, you can do it in style, by heading to one of the grand stages that the City of Melbourne puts on each year at the Treasury Gardens, Docklands, Flagstaff Gardens or King Domain, where you can enjoy live music and a variety of treats served from food stalls around the stage.

A Laid Back New Year’s Eve in Perth 

What better way to wave off the old year than by watching a beautiful summer sunset over the beach? For a relaxed start to a new year, you can’t beat Perth with its incredible coastline and laidback vibe.

If you’re looking for family fun and fireworks, you might want to head to Kings Park and Botanic Garden with a picnic. There are no formal events, so you can make the evening your own and celebrate at your own pace. But with its popularity and amazing firework views, you can be sure of a great atmosphere.

The Wild Card New Year’s Eve – Lord Howe Island

For a truly unique way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Australia, head to Lord Howe Island and be among the very first to see the sun rise on a new year.

With only 400 people allowed on the island at any time, any celebration here will feel truly special and exclusive – a world away from the crush of Sydney crowds. Of course, the downside is that it can be really hard to get a spot, so you might have plan for a new year well into the future!

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