How To Affordably Stay Cool in Warm Weather

Tips By Christine Wardlaw Jan 15, 2017

Summer in the northern hemisphere is finally here! Whether you’re planning a summer vacation or staying at home, temperatures might be on the rise with warm weather coming your way!

Although it’s easy to figure out ways to warm up when you’re cold, it can be much trickier to cool off when it’s hot outside, especially if you’re on a budget. Luckily, Western Union has done the research to help you affordably stay cool and comfortable this summer.

Go Near Water

On a hot summer day, it almost always feels better at the beach, where cooler water temperatures and wind can often make it feel 10-20 degrees cooler than if you’re inland. As long as you are safe and wear lots of sunscreen, hanging out near an ocean or lake can help make even the hottest day tolerable.

Take a Cool Shower or Dip in the Pool

If you need to cool off quickly, nothing does the job like a nice cold shower or quick jump in a cold pool. You can also wet some towels with cold water, squeeze excess water out, and place them on your shoulders and head for a rapid cool-off.

Enjoy a refreshing treat!

The world is full of amazing cold treats to make during the summer. If you have some downtime this summer and want to try your hand in the kitchen, try making your own homemade ice cream or even some gelato from Italy! Whether it’s ice cream or some frozen fruit, these sweet treats are not only tasty, but they will help you cool down as well!

Wear Loose-Fitting, Light-Colored Clothing

Dark colors and tight clothing aren’t necessarily helpful in the heat. Wear loose, light fabrics like cotton and linen, and light colors like white, beige, baby blue, and light pink that reflect the sun rather than absorb it.

Keep Plastic Water Bottles in the Fridge and Freezer

Nothing helps beat the heat like cold water to drink. Have several water bottles on hand in the fridge for quick refreshment, and have more in the freezer to use as instant ice packs when needed. The frozen water bottles fit perfectly behind your neck for instant relief and can be re-frozen quickly.

Carry a Spray Bottle of Cold Water

Speaking of the fridge, you can keep a spray bottle of cold water in the fridge to help keep you cool if you have to go outside. Spray bottles with fans attached that blow a cool mist can be found at many convenience stores and markets for a small charge. These are great if you know you’ll have to be outside in the sun for an extended period of time, such as at a parade or an amusement park.

Summer can be the most fun season of the year, but also can be challenging on those extremely hot and humid days. If you follow the above advice, you’re sure to feel more comfortable despite the temperature!