A guide to supporting your child living abroad

Getting Around By Cecilia Hendrix Sep 26, 2019

No matter their age, or how close you are to your children, nothing can prepare you for the moment your kids pack their bags and move abroad. When your youngsters move away, the change can be both very exciting and overwhelming

Even from afar you can make this once-in-a-lifetime experience for your kid be an adventure for the both of you. We’ve listed some ideas that will help you support and feel closer to your child no matter how far you are from each other.

Show your approval on life decisions

First things first, before you start helping your kid with the planning and packing, it is very important that you have an honest talk. Yes, your son or daughter might be moving miles away, but this only means embarking on a new journey that will shape and help them grow. For work, for study or simply wanderlust – spending time apart is an experience you can both learn and benefit from. Your kids will gain independence and, you as a parent, can be proud of their accomplishments.

The best thing you can do now is to let them know you support their ideas and life choices. Having an open talk will do you both some good, help build trust and let your kids know they can always reach out when needed.

Make agreements

One of the amazing benefits of moving abroad is trying out new things: from cultural activities to sports to musical events to culinary experiences. Your children’s new-found freedom will motivate them to try out all things possible. But with great freedom comes great responsibility and it’s best if your child knows that before moving abroad. Before starting this new adventure, make sure to set agreements and establish some rules, especially if you are supporting them monetarily. Be clear on the budget you will be providing, this means clarifying what exactly you’ll be paying for. You can also give them with guidance on smart spending and sticking to a budget.

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Give them space

Let’s be honest, saying good-bye to your children is not an easy task and you can’t help but worry a little. As a parent, one of the biggest challenges that come with being concerned about your offsprings is the temptation of reaching out and contacting them at any given time, especially now that they are away from home. Even though you are just one call away from getting in touch, try and give space to adapt.

Creating a healthy distance is essential for both of you; it will help your kids develop a sense of self-responsibility, and it will put you in a good light by showing them that you respect their privacy and time away.

And yet, stay in touch

Shorten the distance by choosing your favorite way of communication. Having a regular virtual one-on-one will bring you closer together. So, agree on a way of maintaining contact prior to your kid’s big trip. This is also a good way to prevent the risk of worrying too much or stressing out over communication.

Remember that skyping, face-timing or messaging on Whatsapp are not the only ways to reach out: here are 6 unique ideas on how to stay in touch with your loved ones from afar. You can even surprise them with a little gift by sending money with the Western Union® app to a bank account or for cash payout at an agent location. Wherever they are, your loved ones can easily receive the money in over 200 countries and territories.


Whether it’s supporting their life decisions or sending money with Western Union – there are many ways to care for your dear ones living abroad!