5 Different Tips To Avoid Overworking Yourself

People By Western Union Global Social April 1, 2016


If you have a career or a job that requires you to work long hours throughout the week, you run the chance of overworking yourself. Western Union knows how important your career is, but we also recognize that your health is just as important.

There is definitely a way to balance out your work life with your personal life in a way that you won’t be overworked, while still being able to do a great job at your job. We have compiled 5 different tips you can utilize in the workplace to ensure that you don’t overwork yourself.

1. See The Signs

If you want to avoid overworking yourself, make sure you’re aware of the warning signs. Are you not getting enough sleep? Maybe you’ve become physically tired or are even experiencing physical pain, like headaches? These are some signs that might make you realize that you are working a bit too long or too hard. Once you discover that you are not feeling your best, you can set yourself up for success to start feeling better.


2. Find a Way To Relax

There are some days or weeks throughout the year when long hours become necessary at work. When that occurs, try to find a way to relax to re-energize for the next day. Whether it’s meditation, listening to music or even doing yoga, find something that relaxes you or calms you down and stick with it.

3. Take Breaks

If your employer designates certain times throughout the day where you can take a 15-minute or half hour break, do take an interest in using them. Working through a break or lunch that could have given you some much-needed rest is not good for your health. Skipping lunch won’t put too much of a dent in the work you have to get done regardless. Take a break every now and then, you deserve it!

4. Get Enough Sleep

It goes without saying that lack of sleep is one of the main contributors to feeling overworked. Most studies show that adults above the age of 18 need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Try to get as close to that range as possible and you will feel refreshed the next morning, ready to tackle a new workday!


5. Organization is Key

While at work, try to make an organized schedule and stick to it. Make a list of everything you need to get done for the day, easiest or quickest tasks on top. Save the tasks that might take longer to complete for last. Once you start completing tasks, you’ll feel less overwhelmed, and thus, less overworked. It will also help you finish your job quicker so you’re not rushing and feeling stressed.

If you’re struggling with overworking yourself, try one of these five tips above to help. If none of these suggestions work, be open and honest with your boss or employer about it. You’re a valued employee and they will appreciate your honesty about a subject that affects almost all of us. How do you balance work to make sure you don’t overdo it?