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Frequently Asked Questions

Identification Process


Does Western Union need to confirm my identity?

Yes, before making your first online transfer, you will need to verify your profile:


  • Go to an Airpak location.
  • Perform a transaction at Airpak location.
  • The agent at Airpak completes registration by filling out all Compliance required information.
  • Access Airpak’s website.
  • Click on Crear Cuenta button.
  • Select an option from Tipo de documento Dropdown list.
  • Provide Identification Number which must be the same used in retail transaction.
  • Perform One Time Password process – During this step a verification is made if the phone is unique or is associated to another profile. A confirmation is sent to the phone to confirm that the customer has access to the phone provided at Retail transaction.
  • Create a password according to Airpak’s password procedures.
  • Agrees to the terms of service and finally logging into their profile.


When an expired ID is detected, you will be required to provide a new one.

Once you have successfully registered online, you will be asked to visit one of the AirPak’s locations and verify your identity and phone number in person.


How long will it take to confirm my identity?

After presenting a valid government-issued ID at the nearest verification location, you will receive a confirmation by phone. If you need to send money before your verification is completed, please visit a Western Union agent location.


What documents do I need to present to send money?

You’ll need to present a valid ID that has your full name, date of birth, issue date and number, expiry date and country of issue

1. International passport
2. National Identity Card
3. Driver’s license
4. Residence ID (for foreigners)
5. Foreigner’s document.

Acceptable IDs are subject to the banking laws and regulations of El Salvador.


Where are the dedicated locations for physical identification verification in El Salvador?

You can find all locations for physical verification online.