If your organization needs to send cash to individuals

We have the right solution that allows you to send money to more than 250,000 Western Union agent locations1 in 194 countries and territories around the world.

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Why choose Western Union's Quick Cash solution

Quick Cash is a unique business-to-consumer product that allows you to send cash to individuals at Western Union agent locations in urban, rural, and remote areas.

  • Send money worldwide. With Western Union, you cansend money worldwide in minutes2.
  • Simple and reliable global payments. Western Union provides simple and reliable international cash payments. You can choose to reach thousands of your customers in one go as well.
  • The right business partner. Cross-border money transfer solutions suited for your needs.

How organizations send money

Get ready with us

Provide your dedicated Key Account Manager with relevant documents to get you onboarded.

Install your POS terminal

Our system connects you securely and directly to the Western Union platform that you can use 24/7.

Send the money

An authorized sender processes the transaction directly from your back office. Upon completion, the Western Union system generates a Money Transfer Control Number (“MTCN” - a unique 10-digit number).


Provide the MTCN to your receiver.

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Track your transfer anytime

Know where your money is at all times. Simply enter your MTCN on the Western Union website.

How receivers pick up money

1. Find the Quick Cash agent

your sender has told you about and visit your nearest Western Union agent location by using the agent locator.

2. Show transfer details

to the Quick Cash agent including the sender's name, country, and the amount sent.

3. Show your valid ID

issued by your government and the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) you have received from your sender.

4. Collect the money

from the Quick Cash agent and receive a copy of the receipt.

Integrate with our full-featured APIs to send mass payments globally

Provide your receiver with the cash they need in minutes2.

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  • You have control. You manage the payment; we manage the payout.
  • Reliable delivery at scale. Partners around the world leverage our solutions, supported by partner-centric delivery.
  • Inhouse closed-loop platform. We continue to optimize our proprietary platform and offer unique value-added services.