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Verifying your identity

Verify your ID following our seamless identification process and increase send limits on your future transactions.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

If you plan to send money regularly by using WU.com, or if you have sent over 1,000 € within 12-month period, we will need you to verify your identity. You will find a link in your profile overview where you can start the process for ID verification online or by mail.

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ID process online

Electronic verification usually can be done immediately. In some cases, we may need more information and it could take longer. If you choose this method, you will be asked to enter information such as your national ID number, or banking ID, or other information needed to verify your identity online.

Please make sure the information in your Western Union profile is correct. The name in your profile must match the name on your ID. If electronic verification fails twice, you will not be able to send money online until you have been verified by us.

ID process by mail

If you choose to verify by mail, please make sure the address in your profile is correct. We will send you a letter with further instructions. The process may take as long as 10 business days.

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