Need Funds to Study Abroad in the U.S.? Check Out Loans Grants for Canadians

Canada By Janaina Da Costa Sep 20, 2022

Do you need funds for studying abroad in the U.S.? Plenty of loans and grants cover the daily costs of living, tuition, and accommodation. Don’t let the financial costs of studying abroad in America dissuade you from experiencing a new environment and studying at an international university.

There are specific loans and grants for Canadian students to seek help covering the finances of a study abroad experience. We’ve compiled a list of resources to make it easy for you to receive an excellent education in the U.S.

Loans for Canadian students to study abroad in the U.S.: 

Several loans are available to help Canadian students study abroad in the U.S. Although Canadian students cannot qualify for U.S. federal student loans, you can apply for private student loans if you have a cosigner who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. If you do not wish to apply for a private loan, we’ve rounded up a list of loans and grants from the Canadian government and public sources.

Can Help

For those eager to study in the U.S., there’s a loan program called The Canadian Higher Education Loan Program or Can Help. This program covers tuition for Canadian students attending an American university. It is offered by the International Education Finance Corporation, the Bank of Boston, and the Education Resources Institute.

Canadian Student Grant for Students from Low-Income Families

This grant offers a stipend of $250 a month for the entirety of your studies abroad. There is also Student Grant for Middle-Income Families, offering a $100 monthly stipend. However, neither of these grants are available for Canadian students from the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Quebec.

The TD Canada Trust Scholarships

This scholarship is available to Canadian students who demonstrate outstanding community leadership and are committed to supporting positive change in their communities, nurturing progress, and helping make the world a better place. TD chooses two recipients from each of the five regions: Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies/Northwest Territories/Nunavut, and British Columbia/Yukon.

Loans for Canadian students from specific provinces: 

Canada works to ensure there is equitable financial aid for all its citizens across its country. If you are a resident of a particular Canadian province, you may qualify for a specific grant or loan.

Loans for residents of Ontario: 

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

If you are a resident of Ontario, some OSAP grants are available at a select few international schools. If you are approved for an OSAP grant, the Student Financial Assistance Branch of the Ontario Ministry will be your financial aid office. If you do not see your desired university on the approved list, you can submit your school for approval and may still receive a grant.

Loans for residents of Northwest Territories: 

Grants through the Department of Education, Culture, and Employment (ECE)

If you are from the Northwest Territories, you may be eligible for various grants to help supplement the cost of your studies. These grants can assist with tuition, course costs, books, and travel fees.

Loans for residents of Alberta:

Student Aid Alberta Scholarships and Loans 

If you are a resident of Alberta, you can apply for student aid and loans for Canadian students who wish to study in the United States. Similar to Ontario, your desired university has to be pre-approved before you apply for student aid.

If you need another resource, lists all the scholarships and bursaries available to Canadian students pursuing a study abroad experience in the U.S.

Canadian students have plenty of opportunities to ease the financial burden of studying abroad in the U.S. Hopefully, this list helps you find the means to pursue your higher education and enjoy your study abroad experience.