WU Foundation Lithuania to Launch “Edtech Hackathon 2021” In Partnership with Vilnius University.

Giving By Emily Larson Oct 18, 2021

The Western Union Foundation Lithuania (WUFL) successfully launched a partnership with the Vilnius University Business School to organize the Edtech Hackathon 2021. As the main sponsor, the WUFL recently expressed its commitment to providing the tools necessary for all EdTech enthusiasts, communities, students, teachers, and entrepreneurs to unite and solve challenges of hybrid learning from Lithuania and all over the world.

The WUFL was established in December 2012, and its core mission is to encourage a socially responsible environment in Lithuania and to boost traditions of sharing. Since then, WUFL has encouraged our employees in Lithuania to volunteer over 22,000 hours through local NGOs by providing mentorship, consulting, and sharing their own experience with young start-ups to help creating their success. Furthermore, the WUFL has donated hundreds of thousands of euros to nonprofit organizations that advance education and economic opportunity.

“Education is the main strategic direction for the WUFL. Communicating and collaborating with the talents is a great opportunity to support the new generation of specialists for Lithuania and beyond.” said Sergej Sidorov, WU Foundation Lithuania President.

The Edtech Hackathon 2021 will take place from November 9 through the 14th. During this week, WU experts along with education specialists will present and discuss on topics relevant to the growth of entrepreneurship among students in Lithuania and provide mentoring for hackathon participants.

If you are interested in contributing to the future of hybrid education and studies, this event is perfect for you! Register to be part of the event here.

The Western Union Foundation believes education is a key pathway to success, yet it is out of reach for many. Find out about our WU Scholars program and join us on Twitter in our mission to support migrants and refugees.