Western Union Money Transfers Now Delivered Home in Sri Lanka

Regional News By Jean Claude Farah April 10, 2020

Western Union and MMBL Money Master have announced the launch of home delivery for Western Union money transfers across Sri Lanka.

Home delivery will provide customers in Sri Lanka with another option to receive money transfers from their loved ones around the world, in the safety of their homes. As the government implements COVID-19 curfews and restrictions on movement to ensure safety of residents, Western Union and MMBL Money Master have come together to help deliver money to receivers at their homes. Home delivery service will be available, even during curfew, Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

“Western Union takes seriously the critical role we play in getting money to places where and when it is most needed,” said Jean Claude Farah, President, Global Network, Western Union. “We are proud to launch the new home delivery service with MMBL, offering customers a convenient way to receive money from their loved ones around the world, especially during the current times.”

“The new service will ensure that the public has access to cash, thereby providing essential financial services to a broad range of customers, including those who do not hold bank accounts,” added Farah.

“We are thrilled to provide this personalized home delivery service for customers who receive Western Union money transfers,” said Dinesh Mendis, Managing Director, MMBL Money Transfer. “The prevailing curfews and temporary location closures due to COVID-19 have created uncertainty among beneficiaries who regularly receive support from their loved ones. Without necessary support, customers might face a situation where they may not be able to purchase essential goods due to insufficient cash in hand. With Western Union, we are committed to support customers to the best of our ability at this challenging time.”

Customer Guidance

Once the receiver gets notified by the sender that the money transfer has been sent to them, they can contact the MMBL Money Master call center number – 0115529999 or 0115529997, to identify the nearest MMBL Money Master branch.

Receiver can then contact the nearest location and provide all mandatory details to the agent via phone, e-mail, WhatsApp. Mandatory details include: MTCN, receivers name, senders name and country, and amount sent.

The agent will fill up the “To Receive Money” (TRM) form on behalf of the receiver. Once the details are obtained and verified, Agent will arrive at the receiver’s residence with the money.

Prior to handing over the money, Agent will verify receivers ID. After successful verification, Agent will obtain signatures on TRM form and final receipt.

Once the process is complete, Agent will hand over the money along with a copy of the TRM form and final receipt.