Western Union Money Transfers Now Delivered Home in Jordan

Regional News By Jean Claude Farah Apr 16, 2020

Western Union has announced that select Agents in Jordan will provide home delivery service for Western Union money transfers across the nation.

Our Agent’s Home delivery service will enable customers in Jordan to receive cash from their loved ones, without leaving their homes. As the government implements COVID-19 curfews and restrictions on movement to ensure safety of residents, select Western Union Agents will deliver money to receivers at their homes.

“Western Union takes seriously the critical role we and our Agents play in getting money to places where and when it is most needed,” said Jean Claude Farah, President, Global Network, Western Union. “We are working with Agents, Governments, Customers and Employees to enable global money movement and help ease the economic impact of COVID-19.”

“The launch of this new Agent service – delivering money to customers’ home – will ensure that the public has access to cash, thereby providing essential financial services to a broad range of customers, including those who do not hold bank accounts,” added Farah.

Customer Guidance

Once the receiver gets notified by the sender that the money transfer has been sent to them, they can contact the below call center numbers[1].

Abu Sheikha Exchange: 0775508081

Alawneh Exchange: 0798202020

Musharbash Exchange: 0791112111

Sadat & Hindi Exchange: 0799898701

Kamal Exchange: 0799600060

The request will then be sent to the Agent home delivery team. An Agent representative will then contact the customer and request a copy of their ID by WhatsApp and verify all related information to process the home delivery.

Once the details are obtained and verified, the Agent representative will arrive at the receiver’s residence with the money within 24-48 hours.

Prior to handing over the money, the Agent representative will verify receivers original ID. After successful verification, the Agent representative will obtain signature on the transaction receipt and hand over the money.

[1] Call center numbers are subject to change