Western Union Foundation Honors World Refugee Day

Regional News By Robyn Burns Jun 14, 2023

Every year on World Refugee Day, the world comes together to honor refugees and display the power of inclusivity.

World Refugee Day acknowledges those who’ve crossed borders in search of safety and a better quality of life. Whether prompted by war, natural disaster, or persecution, refugees face the constant challenge of acclimating to new environments. From learning new languages and developing new skills to forging new homes and entering new schools, refugees deserve the spirit of inclusion. Throughout the year, the Western Union Foundation works closely with global nonprofits to create economic opportunities for refugees and people who migrate. In honor of World Refugee Day, the Foundation is proud to highlight a powerful story of an entrepreneur who has created economic and educational opportunities for those who otherwise wouldn’t have access.

Narges Creates Educational Pathways for Youth in Gaza

In Gaza, where daily struggles and displacement are a harsh reality for its residents, Narges embarked on an ambitious journey driven by her passion for education.

Narges aspired to build an educational center that could support disadvantaged and displaced individuals in her community. As Narges began developing her plan, she faced multiple obstacles and realized that she needed extra business training and resources to make her vision a reality. She sought help from Education for Employment (EFE), a nonprofit that empowers youth in the Middle East & North Africa regions with demand-driven skills that lead to employment, dignity, and hope.

Narges’ training with EFE equipped her with valuable knowledge in project development, team management, and financial acumen. With new skill sets and seed funding in place, Narges’ educational center became a reality and has since made a profound impact on the community she serves. The center became a beacon of hope, providing valuable educational opportunities to children of all ages. Moreover, the center created employment opportunities for women in the community, empowering them and enabling them to be more independent, in a setting where economic opportunity is rare.

In the beginning, I faced numerous challenges and obstacles, but I never let them discourage me. Instead, I used them as stepping stones towards my goals, fueling my determination to make a difference in my community.” – said Narges.

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