What Are the Benefits of a Multicurrency Wallet Over a Regular Digital Wallet

United States By Christy Lowry Nov 23, 2022

If you have a digital wallet app on your phone, you may be wondering about the features and benefits of a multicurrency digital wallet and why you might need one. Here, we look at the advantages and considerations of a multicurrency wallet.

What is a multicurrency digital wallet?

A multicurrency digital wallet is an app that a user downloads to their device that enables cross-border payments to be made to individuals or businesses in a variety of currencies without delay or bureaucracy.

How does it differ from a regular digital wallet app?

A multicurrency digital wallet is different than a regular digital wallet app because it allows the user to seamlessly switch between currencies, instead of just using one currency. For example, instead of having a digital wallet that only pays or sends money in U.S. dollars, having a multicurrency wallet allows you to send money or pay for goods and services in U.S. dollars and other currencies like Euros, Rupees and Pesos.

How does a multicurrency digital wallet work?

A multicurrency wallet is effectively a digital bank that gives you access to multiple currencies simultaneously. As with a regular digital wallet, you can make withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and transfers with a multicurrency digital wallet. You can also hold, send, receive, or switch between these currencies at any time.

Multicurrency wallets offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface, making it very convenient to manage your money in many currencies and countries without having to open multiple bank accounts. For instance, you can easily send money from the U.S. to many countries around the world in minutes. Most multicurrency wallets also provide multiple payment options including bank account, debit card, credit card, other digital wallets, or even cryptocurrency wallets.

What are the benefits of a multicurrency wallet?


Being able to effortlessly switch between currencies, pay bills and send or receive in all one account means the multicurrency digital wallet can replace multiple bank accounts. This makes cross-border payments hassle-free.

Low cost

According to Forbes, multicurrency digital wallets typically have competitive exchange fees when compared to U.S. banks and credit unions but the digital wallets can be easier and quicker to use.


You can make secure cross-border payments, switching between many currencies without much risk of theft or loss due to the enhanced security features and authentication factors built into these multicurrency digital wallets. Exchange your money and make payments with confidence.

Better business relationships

The ability to make fast, convenient payments to suppliers, remote contractors and business partners as well as accept payments from your global customers means you can work globally with less friction. Customers can make payments in their local currency without having to concern themselves with currency exchange fees. All in all, a multicurrency digital wallet can make the business world a much smaller place.

Why might you need a multicurrency digital wallet?

Multicurrency digital wallets allow fast effortless transactions and are therefore an excellent choice for travelers visiting several countries, businesses trading in different geographies or immigrants who are sending money back home.

If you routinely engage in the following activities, you may find that a multicurrency digital wallet transforms your business:

  • You routinely sell and ship products or services to other countries.
  • You send regular cross-border payments to suppliers and contractors.
  • You regularly receive payments from international customers.
  • You import or export raw materials.
  • You have staff based overseas.
  • You work with freelancers based in other countries.
  • Your staff regularly travel overseas on business.
  • You intend to expand your business into new geographies.

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