Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

Getting Around By Christine Wardlaw Apr 12, 2018

By Catherine Belandres, Western Union employee

Most of us study or work hard all year round. You deserve a treat for all your hard work! It’s time for you to relax and enjoy vacation paradise! Go to a country that makes you experience nature at its finest. It’s time for you to break busy city life. Time for you to go to the land of good life and serenity, the land of Costa Rica!  Here are the top 10 awesome things to do:

1. Río Celeste Waterfall
Rio is Spanish is a river. This is a waterfall that flows to a river. It is located in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. The waterfall has a color of the majestic sky blue like water. You have to hike from the main entrance of the park to the waterfall for almost an hour. Depending if you go in the rainy season, it will be very muddy. You are not allowed to swim, however, because it’s a river if you walk a little further outside the park, you can do kayak, tubing and swimming. The sky blue water still overflows.

2. Volcano visit in La Fortuna San Carlos
Want to visit an active volcano? This place has one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the country called Volcan Arenal. Enjoy and relax in natural hot springs. Several activities include waterfall hiking, waterfall repelling, tubing and it’s also good for fun family activity such as visiting the butterfly park, crocodiles, horseback riding and more! There are many affordable day tours activities to choose from!

3. Learn to Surf in Tamarindo beach

Want to learn how to surf? Are you a surfer? Tamarindo is one of the touristiest beach in the country. It is located in the Guanacaste province. The waves are perfect for surfing for beginners to professional. This is a must visit beach for all travelers. It has various surfing schools, restaurants, party bars and various day tours. You can also rent a boat for sport fishing, sailing to watch sunset. This beach was featured in CNN Money as one of the best place to retire.

4. Enjoy luxury in Conchal “seashells” beach.
Experience luxury, experience Costa Rica. It is located in Guanacaste province – less than an hour drive from Tamarindo beach. Concha in Spanish is a shell. The seashore was made of millions of shells and the sea is color turquoise. Near the beach is the luxurious hotel. You can book at the hotel, then get a massage and enjoy life.  There are various activities you can enjoy such as Jet Ski, snorkeling and kayaking.

5. Get that adrenaline rush by hiking Chiripo Mountain
Looking for maximum adrenaline adventure? Take a hike! This is a 3 day guided hike because it is the tallest mountain in Costa Rica. If you’re a professional hiker, you can do it in a day. See the beautiful flower, the green forest, the blue sea, and the lovely clouds. When you reach the top, the view is stunning and will take your breath away. At night, enjoy sleeping in your camper/tent under the stars. Don’t forget to get your hiking park permit before going. This is located in Chirripó National Park.

6. Experience the cloud forest in Monteverde
This is for travelers who loves the jungle.  The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is a home to millions of trees, different species and animals. This place is almost covered by fogs the reason it’s why it’s called cloud forest. 4 things must do here is crossing the hanging bridge (sky bridge), riding zip lines, riding the trams and everyone’s favorite – the night guided tour. Bring mosquito repellant!

7. Discover under the sea in Cahuita
Who doesn’t love seeing the ecosystem under the sea? One of the best beaches to snorkel and scuba diving is in Cahuita National Park. This is the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. See various beautiful seashells and colorful fishes. Some of the fun activities in the park include sightseeing of animals, the beach, shipwreck, boating and hiking to the secret waterfall – ask a local to guide you. 

8. Whale watching at the whale tail shape beach
Have you ever seen a seashore with a shape of a whale’s tail? Have you imagined watching whales in the whale shape beach? Playa Uvita has the Marino Ballena National Park. This is where you can watch humpback whales. The beach also has iguanas, turtles, birds and monkeys. There are several other activities to do such as Dolphin watching, snorkeling, surfing, yoga and boating. Go early in the morning because the whale tale only shows in low tide. The best time to snorkel is during the afternoon. There’s an entrance fee to the park and opens only from 7AM – 4PM.

9. Learn the history of Costa Rica
one of the great joys of traveling is learning about the country’s culture and ancestry. In the heart of San Jose downtown, there are 3 museums to learn more about the country and its people. These 3 museums are: National Museum (Museo Nacional), Precolombino Gold Museum and for children- Museo de Los Niños.

10. Catch a wave in Montezuma
What makes this beach worth a visit? First, going to this remote island was already an adventure! You will need to take 3 buses and 1.5 hour ferry ride to arrive to this beach. Second, the waves are strong and playful. It’s beautiful to watch. It’s delightful to play and catch the wave and the sea water is radiant. In the morning, the giant rocks in some parts of the beach make a natural swimming pool and you will see colorful fishes and some crabs to join you in your dip!

Overall, you deserve a treat! Costa Rica is famous for the quote “PURA VIDA!” which means the good life. After you experience these things, you will find out why the country boasts of being known of Pura vida. Experience paradise, experience Costa Rica. What are you waiting for? Book your flights and enjoy your trip!