The benefits of sending money online

Spain By Liudmila Simakova Jul 12, 2023

The days of having to travel to a physical location any time you want to send money from Spain to a loved one overseas are gone. More and more people are taking advantage of the online sending opportunities, and while many are convinced, if you’re still a little unsure about making the switch, here are some of the key benefits, straight from our team at Western Union Spain.


When it comes to sending money to a loved one, it doesn’t get much easier than sending money online.

You now have the ability to send money from Spain to almost any country in the world in a few simple clicks. With Western Union online, in app or web, all you need to do is provide a few key details about yourself and your loved one, and you’re good to go.

Even better, with the Western Union app, you can do this from anywhere, as you can access all the same sending features from your phone.

So, whether you want to send a birthday gift to a cousin in Colombia while on your lunch break, send help with bills to family in Ecuador while you’re waiting for a train, or even transfer a wedding gift to a friend in Argentina before you head to the gym, you can do it all with ease with Western Union.


The ability to send money online has been revolutionary for how quickly you can get the process done. No more travelling to a physical location and standing in a queue to wait for your turn to send, there is no queue when you login and send online from wherever you happen to be at the time.

After registering and providing a few key details, you’re good to go, and depending on the sending and receiving methods, your money transfer could reach your loved ones living thousands of miles away within a matter of minutes1.


Sending money online doesn’t just give you the flexibility to send from anywhere, there is also a range of sending and receiving options for you to choose from with our online sending tool.

As you select from a range of different sending and receiving options, from cash pickup to bank transfer and in some countries even more, you’ll see clearly defined transfer limits and expected arrival times, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for you and your loved one.


As we mentioned a little earlier, we can help you send money online to almost any country around the world, around 200 to be more precise.

Whether you want to send money to loved ones in Brazil, Morocco or the Philippines – or all three – we’ve got you covered. Also, with our global footprint of hundreds of thousands of agent locations, if your loved one would prefer cash pickup at a physical location near to them, they can do so in almost any country in the world.

Again, the ability to do all of this online means that you have access to a global network of money transfer options without even having to leave your home.

In many ways, we’ve only scratched the surface of the range of benefits that are on offer when you send money online with Western Union. Above all, it’s important to choose a reliable money transfer service you can trust. With Western Union, you’ll have peace of mind your money transfer will arrive safely with loved ones in a way that works for them.

Take a look at our detailed guide if you want to find out even more about how to send money online.

If you’re ready to go ahead and send money online now, visit our Western Union Spain send money tool.

1 Os fundos podem estar sujeitos a atrasos ou os serviços podem estar indisponíveis dependendo de determinadas condições de transação, incluindo o montante enviado, o país de destino, a disponibilidade da moeda, questões regulamentares, requisitos de identificação, horário de funcionamento da agência, diferenças de fuso horário ou seleção de opções de adiamento. Podem ser aplicadas restrições adicionais. Consulte os termos para obter detalhes.