The 2018 WU Ashoka Executives in Residence Program

Money Works By Tiffany Teichrow Jun 7, 2018

Western Union is in its eighth year of teaming up with Ashoka, for its 2018 Executives in Residence (EIR) program!  This program fosters meaningful collaborations between company senior leaders and leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) that have the potential to change the dynamics of traditional markets, enhance competitiveness, and create systemic social impact.

Why does Western Union participate in the EIR program?

The program goals align perfectly with our company purpose, moving money for better. It also follows one of our core company values: being globally minded—considering unique differences and viewpoints from around the world to challenge the status quo and drive better business. The EIR program develops change-making leaders by enhancing their ability to lead within complex environments and allows them to discover business value through new markets, networks, and innovations that may help contribute to our own competitive advantage. Simultaneously, executives equip leading social entrepreneurs with WU expertise to co-tackle a strategic challenge, thus aiding in increasing their social impact.

“We are thrilled to take part in this global change-making program. It’s a unique way to give back to communities around the world and offer life-changing experiences to some of our developing WU leaders,” says Director of Talent Management, Laurie Shumake.

Who are the 2018 WU Executives and their Ashoka Fellows?

Our 2018 participants will join our alumni of over 50 former EIR executives from Western Union. Each journey is unique and individually tailored, lasting two weeks. The execs will travel to locations all over the world, working onsite with their Ashoka Fellows and teams.

WU Executive: Brendan Clegg – Senior Counsel, Global Payments

Paired Ashoka Fellow: Monish Anand, India – DATASIGNS TECHNOLOGIES, SHUBH LOANS: Monish has built a new system to capture the creditworthiness of individuals from underserved and unserved markets and is using this system to rebuild the trust deficit that exists between these eluded citizens and the banking sector.

WU Executive: Tracey McKee – VP, Global Rewards & Recognition Leader

Paired Ashoka Fellow: Nobs Mwanda, South Africa – COPESSA: Nobs is addressing the root causes of child abuse (strong focus on women and young girls) through an “ecological” model focused on primary prevention on four levels—child, family, community and society—in order for every child to grow up in a safe and caring environment.

WU Executive: Sanaa Laroui – Compliance Director, Global Agent Oversight

Paired Ashoka Fellow: Adnane Addioui, Morocco – MCISE, TAMKEEN: Adnane founded Tamkeen to equip teens and young adults (under 18) with the necessary tools to transform their learning process through their own innovations, creating a generation of problem solvers and thinkers and transform their schools into social innovations hubs.

WU Executive: Rocco Pilla – VP, Sub-Regional – US – NorthEast 

Paired Ashoka Fellow: Benson Wereje, Uganda – COBURWAS: International Youth Organization to Transform Africa (CITOYA): Benson is empowering refugee youth populations in Uganda and the conflict-prone Democratic Republic of Congo to become agents of change by providing them with entrepreneurial education and leadership training.

“Western Union talent is remarkable and I’m proud that this WU-Ashoka initiative continues as a leading example of how the world is moving—that business-social value creation is really inseparable, and that individuals and companies tap into their deeper purpose to do better,” notes Jason Bernhardt-Lanier, Managing Partner Executives in Residence and Changemaker Talent for Corporate Partners.

Do you want to get involved?

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About Ashoka

Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide, supporting changemaking for the good of society.

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