Sending love in times like these  

People By Cecilia Hendrix Apr 8, 2020

At Western Union, we know that for many of you, home is more than one place. As you work and try to stay safe in one part of the world, you feel an ever-greater sense of love and responsibility for your family and loved ones across the globe. That’s especially important in uncertain times like these.

We reached out to our customers to learn more about their stories and how they are supporting their loved ones in times of need. Here is what they have shared:

Meagan, Australia 

“Money transfers are about familial bonds and love, even thousands of miles away I know my brother can be helped and he knows I care about him.”  

Next to handling her job and as an IT Manager and her two kids at home, Meagan from Australia is supporting her brother in China, who lost his teaching-job during the crisis.

“It’s challenging. I am fortunate to work remotely as an IT-Expert but with two kids at home, it’s hard. I need to keep them entertained and schooled while also getting things done for work. 

My brother in China is not as fortunate.  

Most citizens there are still housebound. There are some improvements but it’s still pretty serious. 

They’ve been in isolation now for a few weeks, luckily both healthy but my brother can’t work and worries they are eating up their savings.  It’s very trying times and I know that he’s very stressed.  

I really just want to help. To give what I can. It’s not the same as seeing them and being there for them, but if money and support are all I can contribute then that’s what I’ll do. 

So, sending money for me is about familial bonds and love, even thousands of miles away I know my brother can be helped and he knows I care about him. 

Feeling stressed about money isn’t a good feeling so easing some of that burden with easy money transfers doesn’t just bring him peace of mind, but me too. Plus, the fact that it’s so easy to help – no complicated processes – which at this stressful time I just don’t need.  

I love my brother very much and know that he’d do the same for me.”  

Abhishek, United States

“My elderly mother lives by herself in India, which makes me feel quite anxious. It provides some comfort that I am in a position to help at least financially.”

Abhishek is a sales and business developer living in Chicago supporting his elderly mother in India, where people are currently under a national lockdown.


“The past three weeks have been difficult. In the US we now have the most number of COVID-19 cases in the world and that’s a significant concern. We’ve been staying at home mostly. We haven’t stepped out and met our friends either.

Grocery stores aisles have been depleted and there was an initial period of panic when people hoarded essentials like toilet paper and paper towels. Hand sanitizers, N95 masks, and wipes have been sold out for weeks and hard to come by resulting in price gouging.

Because of the crisis, we’ve pretty much changed our entire lifestyle over the last three to four weeks. Meanwhile, my elderly mother lives by herself in India, which makes me feel quite anxious. Although India hasn’t had as many cases or deaths yet, they are currently on a nationwide lockdown.

This makes me feel very helpless since I am far away and unable to help if something was to happen. Flights are shut down and that is not helping my anxiety either.

It provides some comfort that I am in a position to help at least financially. I am appreciative of Western Union for being ahead of the curve in enabling digital transfers so one doesn’t have to step out of their house to either send or receive money anywhere in the world.”



Karren, Dubai  

“I’m grateful to know that the money I send helps my children stay afloat.”

Karren is an office manager, living and working in Dubai. Due to the crisis, she lost her job but is still supporting her three children in the Philippines.

“Since the start of COVID-19, almost everybody I know has been out of work, which includes me and my family. I sent my last salary from Dubai to help my three children in the Philippines.

They are in Cavite City and currently the situation there is really bad – total lockdown and only one person in every household is allowed to go out to buy food and goods. And because prices are up, they need to spend their money very wisely.

It’s challenging to provide for them knowing that the shutdowns have affected grocery stores, marketplaces and schools.

This situation makes me so upset. As a parent far from their kids and worrying about everybody’s health. Money transfers have helped me a lot because it’s fast to send – especially in emergency cases. It will save my children from hunger and more hardships, which makes me feel better.”

Western Union is here for you and your loved ones 

We take our role in getting your money to the places you most need it very seriously – during uncertain times most of all.

Our digital services in 70+ countries plus territories, and our mobile app in 40+ countries, are available to serve you around the clock. Send money to your receiver’s bank account anywhere in the world without either of you having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.*

For additional information, please visit the Western Union COVID-19 Resource Center.

*Where available.


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