Providing Opportunity Beyond Borders

Giving By Robyn Burns December 16, 2022

Throughout history, migration has been a catalyst for new opportunities and innovation. However, migrating to a new community is never easy – especially for those who are moving due to inequalities in their home countries.

In north Central America, the number of people forced to migrate has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years due to chronic violence and insecurity. Thousands of refugees have been leaving their home countries in search of safety, stability, and the chance for economic opportunity.

Support for thousands

Western Union and the Western Union Foundation are proud to support Plan International and Save the Children to build a more welcoming and inclusive environment for people seeking relief and support. We have invested $1 million to programs including those below that support the thousands of people in need of both immediate relief, as well as long-term support to thrive at home or abroad.

Plan International

Plan International’s Connections to Success: In rural Guatemala, young people (especially women) face historical patterns of structural exclusion, inequality, discrimination, violence, and decreasing investments in social services such as healthcare and formal education. The lack of decent employment opportunities is a major driver of irregular migration in Guatemala. The Connections to Success program helps young women and rural populations gain critical soft and technical skills. The goal of this program is to provide improved economic and social conditions for young people and their families through training and community engagement, while promoting gender equity.

Plan International’s Protected Passage: Individuals who are migrating or returning to their home countries face significant vulnerabilities including lack of income, threats of violence, and physical trauma. The Protected Passage program recognizes the need for reintegration support and community awareness around the risks and realities of migration and takes a humane approach to protection and support to people migrating. The program provides immediate and longer-term assistance for children, adolescents and families who are in different stages of migration or return in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico so they can be more resilient and achieve their full potential.

Save the Children

Save the Children’s Food Security Program: A complex crisis of poverty, food insecurity, and violence has spurred large numbers of families to flee Guatemala for many years. A persistent drought is creating even further hardship, threatening food security and job security as the demand for seasonal agricultural labor decreases in eastern Guatemala and the western highlands. Save the Children will support 500 of the most deprived and affected families, providing them with support to establish a hydroponic vegetable production system to grow healthy food at home, and training to manage resources and sell overproduction of goods. This will help families build skills and resilience at the household level, improve food security, and provide opportunity for economic empowerment.

Western Union Foundation

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