Online verification available for Western Union digital customers in Kuwait

Middle East & Africa By Karen Santos Dec 1, 2021

Western Union, in association with Aman Exchange, has announced a collaboration with Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) to integrate Kuwait Mobile ID within and the Western Union Mobile App.

Western Union is the first money transfer operator in the country to integrate Kuwait Mobile ID capabilities into its digital solutions. With this new integration, Western Union consumers in Kuwait can now enjoy a seamless registration and online verification process prior to using the Company’s digital service offerings, which enable them to send money to their loved ones globally, 24/7.

With and the Western Union mobile app, customers can send up to KWD 750 from Kuwait directly into billions of bank accounts, including wallets and cards, across more than 125 countries and territories, with real-time capabilities in 100 of these countries. Additionally, it also offers payout in cash in approximately 600,000 retail locations in 200+ countries and territories.

Kuwait Mobile ID, a solution by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), is a mobile-based Digital ID derived from the Civil ID with capabilities including, but not limited to, identity verification, authentication to online e-services and applying trusted digital signature to documents and transaction.

Customer Guidance
First-time customers can register online at or via the mobile app, fill in the necessary details, select KYC via Kuwait Mobile ID option, navigate to Mobile ID app and select Aman Exchange. Once the verification is complete, customers will receive an email from Western Union confirming account activation.
Also, customers with renewed Civil IDs can use Kuwait mobile ID to re-verify their profiles online, without the need for in-person re-authentication.
In addition to the convenience and reliability of sending money any time, the website and app (available for iOS and Android users) display current exchange rates and fees, track money transfers online and list full history of transactions.