Messenger and Western Union

Money By Emily Larson April 18, 2017

Creating Millions of Connections for Cross-Border Money Movement

April 18, 2017

By Odilon Almeida

Technology is allowing us to live increasingly borderless lives. Through social networks, it’s easier than ever to connect with people all around the world – from Miami to Manila and beyond. As a result, our customers expect evolving choices to move money easily.

While choice has evolved, the experience consumers expect when moving their money has not changed substantially since Western Union commenced moving money 166 years ago. Consumers still want to feel comfortable knowing their money has reached where it is needed, quickly, efficiently and reliably and without any fuss.

The same fundamentals of trust and simplicity are at play, as we, today, integrate the Western Union Money Transfer® bot for Messenger – the world’s largest social network platform, with 1.2 billion monthly users. We have taken money transfer one step further, embedding it in social digital chit-chat, in the most natural, conversational way.

Starting in the U.S., the Western Union Money Transfer bot offers Messenger users, a simple, seamless experience – to move money to almost anywhere in the world. Funds can be received into billions of bank accounts around the world or in cash at half a million global retail Agent locations from the world’s largest metro areas to remote villages

Any of our global Agent locations can be searched for within the app, along with real-time transfer tracking and customer support on any device using Messenger with the touch of a button and it leverages free messaging across borders. Customers also have the option to interact with a social care agent or to use the bot without talking to an agent. This integrated servicing is conducted through a seamless transition between smart bot artificial intelligence and social care handover.

Western Union’s innovative integration within Messenger enables one of the largest digital-and-physical networks. Integrating the capabilities of two world leaders in social-media and person-to-person (P2P) payments is creating a new eco-system of connected convenience.

We’re excited that our global money movement platform—trusted by millions of customers—can now be accessed through the world’s largest social network platform, enabling convenience, access and simplicity to bring friends, family and loved ones together and create inclusive financial access all over the world.


 Access the Western Union bot for Messenger from a desktop or mobile phone now, in real time! Simply open Facebook, click on Messenger, and search Western Union. Or, open the Messenger app on your mobile device, and search Western Union.