Extraordinary Contributions of women at Western Union – next round of spotlights!

Career By Megan Dunford Nov 17, 2021
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Logo promoting women in leadership roles at Western Union

Women@WU’s mission is to create a culture where leadership at Western Union is gender-inclusive and women of all levels are engaged and empowered. In support of that mission we celebrate the women who are leading initiatives that drive our strategy forward through our Extraordinary Contributions program.

Meet Olga, Belinda, Jenny and Joy, four women who are making meaningful contributions to Western Union’s strategy around the world.

Olga Gerassimova

Head of Compliance, Products, KYC & Strategic Partnerships

Moscow, Russia

Olga embodies an enterprise mindset and was instrumental in helping push risk-based changes to our approach for white label partners that will help the business scale more efficiently, save time and improve the experience for partners.  Currently, she drives the creation of the right compliance frameworks as Western Union opens up our platform for partners around the world.

Belinda McCulloch

Senior Client Account Manager

Vancouver, Canada

Belinda took a leadership role in training and mentoring the Western Union Business Solutions Education Vertical Teams in North America.  She goes above and beyond, giving her time and expertise to help others build their knowledge and confidence allowing them to be successful in their roles and help the business grow.

Jenny Wu

Country Director, China

Beijing, China

Jenny oversees a large and complex portfolio with compelling global banks, strategic key accounts, creative digital FIs and non FIs in China, the second largest remittance receiving market in the world. She led the end-to-end negotiation with Alipay and signed up this critical partnership to enable Western Union digital real time payout capability to over 280 banks via Alipay wallet. Jenny navigated the discussions across different business lines with Alipay as well as internally within WU. She has laid the foundation for further expanding the relationship across different use cases and in markets to further enhance WU’s leading position in cross-border money transfer with strong digital footprint.

Joy Miller

Head of Corporate Affairs & ESG

Denver, United States

Joy has exhibited phenomenal leadership and vision for in the evolving space of corporate social responsibility, environmental, social and governance reporting and strategy, and our overall mission and purpose as a company. She has an exceptional ability to connect the dots across our global company in a time of significant change and development in the fintech industry and Western Union‘s own journey.

The Extraordinary Contributions program recognizes women, regardless of level or location, that are leading the way with key initiatives, while demonstrating WU Way Leader capabilities.  Nominations can come from anywhere and are evaluated by the Women@WU Steering Committee.  Extraordinary Contributions recognizes that it’s not just about what gets done, but how it gets done and Women@WU is proud to recognize these leaders.