Everything You Need to Know About Using Prepaid Cards with Western Union

Go Global By Western Union Global Social Mar 15, 2016

Love to travel? If you’re a jet-setter, globetrotter, or avid wanderer, , are a convenient  way to take your money on the go.

What’s a Prepaid  card, you ask?


How It Works

Prepaid cards are not credit cards – they are  cards that you load funds onto, from a payroll direct deposit, government benefit payment (such as Social Security, SSI, or SSDI), Western Union Money Transfer®, or even tax refund.

In addition to direct deposits, the Western Union NetSpend prepaid card allows you to transfer money online from a bank account right onto your prepaid card, or reload it in person at any one of 130,000 reload locations across the U.S. in the NetSpend Reload Network.


Why It Works

The Western Union® NetSpend®  prepaid card is  fantastic for people on the move… There is no minimum balance required, and there are or interest payments because it’s not a credit card.

Also, if you use direct deposit for your paychecks, you can have access to those funds , allowing you even more freedom!

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How to Use

You can use your Western Union® NetSpend® Prepaidcard wherever MasterCard is accepted, in millions of businesses worldwide.

The NetSpend online account center, mobile app, and Anytime Alerts allow you to create a budget and track your spending so you’re always in control.

We know how important sending and receiving money is, especially when you’re far away from your loved ones. That’s why we give you all the options you need to share your love when it’s convenient for you.

If you’re on-the-go, it’s a no brainer -the Western Union NetSpend Prepaid card gives you the freedom you crave. today!