Economic vision | Socioeconomic impact of remittances

Top Trends By El Sol de Hermosillo Sep 3, 2021

Last month, El Sol de Hermosillo columnist Luis Galaz wrote a Spanish language column for his newspaper where he writes about the socioeconomic impact of remittances.

Galaz mentions Western Union in his story, and he says Western Union has more than 370 million people involved in sending and receiving remittances globally.

He goes on to argue that “remittances are much more than money, they are also opportunities…and in this way, the technologies of globalization are connecting more people every day, and remittances continue to grow as never before by virtue of the new generations of more globalized people.”

He finishes the column by saying “globalization increases remittances and opportunities for everyone around the world, and all this does not cause job losses, no, on the contrary, it generates them.”

This article was written by Luis Galaz and originally published on El Sol de Hermosillo. A subscription may be required.