Celebrating National Immigrants Day

Giving By Emily Larson Oct 28, 2021

In 1987, the US Congress adopted a resolution to commemorate immigrants’ contributions to the American society and protect the rights of immigrant workers and their families. Every year on October 28th in the United States, we celebrate this decision known as the National Immigrants Day, a day to reflect on America as a cultural melting pot and a nation of immigrants. America is made up of the sum of every idea and dream of every immigrant that arrived seeking new opportunities in the United States.

The Western Union Foundation has had a strong focus on supporting immigrant-related causes. Through our work and partnerships, we’ve been able to aid in changing the perceptions of immigrants as well as providing educational and career development opportunities to people starting a life in a new country. We understand the enormous positive impact that immigrants have not only economically and culturally on their new home, but also the contributions they make to the ones they love back home and the world in general.

The Foundation along with Western Union, our customers, employees and Agents are humbled and honored to be supporting the dreams and aspirations of migrants and those who are displaced, those who have a desire to succeed but need help along the way.

To learn more about the Western Union Foundation’s work visit our 2020 Impact Report.