6 things you need to know before traveling to Qatar

Canada By Janaina Da Costa Dec 1, 2022

If you are planning to travel to Qatar, a small yet rich country in Western Asia, you might ask yourself: what things do I need to know before traveling to Qatar?

First of all, the country is located in the Middle East, and its capital is Doha. Besides that, Qatar is a monarchy, and 85% of its population comprises foreigners.

But this is not all! Below, you’ll find things you need to know before traveling to Qatar and some curiosities about the country. Keep reading!

Things you need to know before traveling to Qatar: 6 facts

The eyes of the world are on Qatar nowadays. The country has made many investments in tourism to host everybody coming to visit it! So, here are the things you need to know before traveling to Qatar!

1 The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but English is widely spoken

Don’t be alarmed to see all the signage written in Arabic upon arriving in Doha. As much as the official language of Qatar is Arabic, English is spoken by a large part of the population, especially those who work in tourism. In addition, all signposts or notices will be translated into English.

2 — The official currency of Qatar is the Qatari Riyal

The second thing you need to know before traveling to Qatar is that the currency that circulates in the country is called the Qatari riyal. It is pegged to the US dollar and the quotation varies very little. On average, 1 US dollar is equivalent to 3.64 Qatari riyals.

But as it is a currency with low circulation, leaving Canada with riyals in hand will be difficult. Therefore, take the most widely used currencies on your trips, such as the dollar and the euro. So, you exchange it for the Qatari riyal when you arrive in the country. Another exciting option is to use an international money transfer app – like Western Union.

3 — Canadians do not need a visa for Qatar

Canadians do not need a prior visa to visit Qatar and can obtain a visa waiver upon arrival. The waiver is valid for 180 days, and the requirements are a passport valid for at least six months and with at least two blank pages. The immigration agent can also ask for your flight ticket out of Qatar, accommodation confirmation, and travel insurance.

4 — Tourists are expected to dress appropriately

You won’t be stopped on the street if you wear a short outfit or a tank top (and this goes for both men and women). Nor will the woman be required to cover her hair with the hijab.

But common sense and respect for local customs are expected. This means that clothes that cover shoulders and knees are not too tight, and that do not have a high neckline are ideal for a tourist in Qatar.

5 — Try Qatari cuisine at a restaurant in the desert

Qatari cuisine is a mixture of Arab and Indian influences. The dishes are usually very spicy and are made of meat or seafood. You can enjoy the cuisine of this country dining in the desert in a unique experience, where you can enjoy a starry night on the sand and relax in the midst of silence and tranquility.

6 — There is a right place to consume alcohol in Qatar

Unlike some Muslim countries, alcoholic beverages are allowed in Qatar. However, only in licensed locations. This means that drinking is basically allowed in the bars and restaurants of some hotels.

But know that, due to a very high tax burden, drinking in Qatar is expensive. A long neck will cost about US $10. It is also not allowed to enter the country with alcohol and cause inconvenience in public places by being drunk, it is a crime.

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