5 benefits of sending money abroad with Western Union Canada

Canada By Mitchell Steiman Feb 28, 2022

Nowadays, sending money overseas has become a simpler and more affordable process with the technological resources we have at our disposal. With Western Union Canada, you can enjoy this convenience, as you can transfer money to over 200 countries and territories in a fully digital environment by using our app. Want to know more benefits of using Wester Union app? Check them out in the following article .

1 – Send money abroad without leaving home

With Western Union Canada, you don’t have to travel or wait in long lines to send money abroad. When you choose our app, the international transfer is completed online from the comfort of your own home. You can transfer the remittance directly to the recipient’s bank account, making the process more convenient by ensuring that the recipient also receives it digitally.

2 – Follow your transaction in real-time

To provide peace of mind for both you and the person who will receive the remittance, you can follow the whole process in real time. It is quite simple. As soon as Western Union confirms the amount you have paid, you will receive a transfer identification number (MTCN) for tracking. You may forward this number to your recipient as well.

3 – Get simple and easy operations

The Western Union Canada app makes it quick to transfer money to a friend or family member. It only takes few clicks to complete the transfer. This makes the process for people who need to perform it in a regular basis. With the app installed on your smartphone, you also gain more convenience, being able to send money on the day and time you want.

4 – Get an estimate  with our app before sending

Through our virtual channel, you can check the total amount the person will receive abroad by entering the amount that will be sent. We also recommend running a simulation before starting the transfer to find out the best money sending option. You can do that by looking at the final amount the recipient will receive, along with the conversion rates and taxes for that specific date.

5 – Transfer money to several countries and territories

With Western Union Canada you can make international transfers to over 200 countries and territories, including Jamaica, China, Haiti, United States, Lebanon, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, France, Germany, Turkey, Mexico, Philippines and more. Download our app now and check all the countries and other services offered online.

Take advantage of all the benefits you can get with Western Union Canada.

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