How is Mother’s Day celebrated in Canada?

Canada By Mitchell Steiman June 3, 2022

Mother’s Day is coming up — a period when many foreigners living abroad miss their families the most. Mother’s Day in Canada, as in much of the world, is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May.

But what is the origin of the date and how is to celebrate Mother’s Day in Canada? Do you want to find out how to reduce the distance between you and your family on this date? Then, read on!

How was Mother’s Day created?

The Mother’s Day was created in 1914 in the United States as a way Anna Jarvis found to honor her mother, activist Ann Jarvis, who died on May 9, 1905.

Ann Jarvis was an activist who dedicated herself to social work focused on raising awareness among families in West Virginia, the region where she lived, regarding the importance of maintaining good sanitary conditions.

It is important to be aware that Ann’s activities were in one of the most troubled periods in the USA’s history, the War of Secession, when diseases such as typhoid and cholera claimed many victims due to poor hygiene conditions.

During the war, Ann also played an important role helping soldiers on both sides of the conflict. At the end of the war, Ann joined with other mothers to create a Mother’s Friendship Day, in which they suggested a day of unity and reconciliation between families that had been on opposite sides of the war.

In 1907, her daughter, Anna Jarvis, suggested the creation of Mother’s Day, which was put in place in the following year, in 1908, in the form of a memorial for Ann Jarvis. In 1910, West Virginia, where Ann did her social work, made Mother’s Day official on the second Sunday in May.

Years later, in 1914, the United States Congress approved the implementation of Mother’s Day nationwide. Gradually, the tribute gained more and more importance around the world.

What does Mother’s Day in Canada look like?


The Canadians followed the North American example and Mother’s Day in Canada is now also celebrated on the second Sunday of May. The date gained special importance with the strengthening of the feminist movements over the last century, given the importance of the role of mothers in society as a whole.

Mother’s Day celebrations follow the traditions of each family, but in general it is common to give presents and spend the day in a special way with your mother. And this doesn’t just mean biological mothers, but all those who mean something special to Canadians.

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