How people celebrate Christmas all over the World

Canada By Janaina Da Costa December 23, 2022

Even being a traditional Christian holiday, Christmas is widely celebrated worldwide, including in non-Christian countries. Some traditions of the season celebration are so old that goes up to pre-Christian or secular origins.

Nowadays, the most common is the exchange of gifts and cards with beloved ones, Christmas dinner, Christmas carols and other celebrations alongside local traditions, bringing together each place’s custom to this time of the year.

But if you are thinking about how people celebrate Christmas worldwide, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading and find out.

1 — Christmas in India

Although Christians are a minority, Christmas in India is celebrated with enthusiasm in all states and major cities. The country’s famous adage “Unity in Diversity” drives the whole festivity.

In South India, one of the most common Christmas celebrations is putting a burning earthen lamp on their roofs, symbolizing that Jesus is the world’s light. In the northwest, Christians tell Christmas stories and sing carols in their dialects. In some places of the southwest, devotees fast from December 1 until December 24 and end with a sumptuous feast at midnight on December 25.

2 — Christmas in the Philippines

The Philippines is the country in Asia with the highest number of Catholic people, almost 80% of the population. For this reason, Christmas is the most important holiday of the year.

Christmas traditions in the Philippines are a mix of western and native Filipino cultures. Thus, they have Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, Christmas cards, and Christmas carols from the west; they also have traditions like the “parol,” a bamboo pole with a lighted star lantern. A big Christmas feast is held at midnight, called “Noche Buena“.

3 — Christmas in Australia

Australia celebrates Christmas in the middle of summer, bringing long sunny days until almost 8 pm.

With lots of outdoor fun and concerts on the country’s wonderful beaches, Christmas in Australia is usually very festive. The Christmas menu includes roast meats such as turkey and loin, as well as pudding for dessert.

4 — Christmas in Brazil

Brazilians also celebrate Christmas during the summer. The 24th held a big celebration, where family and friends get together to have dinner and open presents.

The supper is full of fresh fruits, all kinds of food with raisins (a big national controversy) and the traditional dessert is the “pave”, layared non-bake cake with cream and cookies.

5 — The Japanese Christmas

Japan has an unusual Christmas tradition. At this time of year, in addition to some Christmas practices, such as sending cards and exchanging gifts, many Japanese families treat themselves to a giant red and white bucket of “Christmas chicken.”

It started with the KFC fast food chain’s marketing campaign in 1974. Inspired by a Christmas turkey dinner, the company introduced a “barrel party” to celebrate the holiday.

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