7 Best Destinations to Celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2023

Canada By Janaina Da Costa December 5, 2022

Have you ever thought about taking a New Year’s Eve trip? Spending New Year’s Eve 2023 in a tourist destination can be an incredible experience. Many destinations in the world are known for receiving a lot of visitors at the end of the year, whether because of private parties or grandiose fires.

But do you already know the best place to start the new year? If you have no idea, below we’ve prepared a guide with the best destinations to celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2023. Keep reading!

Famous destinations to celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2023

If you’re thinking about taking an international New Year’s Eve trip, then you’ll love the list of places we’ve separated for you. There are options for those who want to enjoy the snow in the United States or the heat in Australia. Surely one of these destinations will win you over. Check them out!

1 — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous in the world. Are you going to say that you’ve never dreamed of taking a New Year’s Eve trip and jumping seven waves on Copacabana beach? In addition to the traditional fireworks display and concerts by famous artists, there are other options for those who want to enjoy it away from the crowd, like paid parties in hotels and clubs.

2 — New York, USA

Spending the New Year’s Eve 2023 in New York is a dream for many people, but the trip requires planning. This is because the city is usually very crowded at this time of year. If you want to do the countdown in the famous Time Square, be aware: the best is to take warm clothes since temperatures can reach minus degrees. Oh, and you must arrive at the place by 3 pm. After that, entry is no longer allowed.

3 — Sydney, Australia

For those who are looking for a New Year’s trip but prefer to enjoy the summer, the tip is to travel to Sydney, Australia. The city is known for having the most organized New Year’s Eve. The city receives many tourists (more than 1 million people!) every year, so you will have the most perfect experience!

4 — Paris, France

The most romantic city in the world, Paris, could not be left out of our list of New Year’s Eve trips. The main attraction is the light show at the Arc de Triomphe. The place receives a lot of tourists, so the Champs-Elysées is crowded and circulation is allowed only for pedestrians.

5 — London, England

How about seeing the fireworks show at the London Eye? One of the most beautiful shows in the world, it attracts tourists to London every year. But attention: it is necessary to withdraw tickets in advance, ok? Another option is to spend the New Year’s Eve 2023 in one of the city’s many pubs.

6 — Berlin, Germany

If you’re thinking of taking a New Year’s Eve trip and you don’t mind the cold, then Berlin, Germany, is a great option! Those who want to see the fireworks can visit the Gedächtniskirche Christmas market, at Breitscheidplatz. Among the street parties, the main ones are the one that takes place at the Brandenburg Gate and the one that takes place in the Breitscheidplatz square.

7 — Beijing, China

If you are planning to spend the New Year’s Eve 2023 in Beijing, then prepare to travel between January and February. That’s right! The Chinese follow the lunar calendar and therefore they celebrate the date in a different period. In addition, parades like Lion and Dragon Dances and fireworks take place just after the new year.

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