10 best cities to visit in the USA

Canada By Mitchell Steiman June 21, 2022

The USA is Canada’s neighbor, which means it is easy to take a flight and visit Uncle Sam’s land. If you are planning to do so in the near future, we can help you by showing you the best cities to visit in the USA.

The USA is a large country, with a lot of different options depending on your taste and preferences. To make your life easier, you will find below the cities and places that must be on your travel plans while visiting the USA.

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Best cities to visit in the USA

Traveling to the USA is a dream for many. And if you want it to be perfect, check these best cities to visit in the USA:

1 — New York (New York)

Our list of the best cities to visit in the USA starts with the most bussy and famous city in the country: New York! As you might expect, New York receives millions of tourists every year, and this is not a surprise. The city is really a diverse metropole with different cultures, styles, prices, activities, and famous venues, such as the Empire State Building and the 9/11 Memorial. In fact, there is so much to do that you will want to stay a little longer to explore more of this amazing city.

2 — Las Vegas (Nevada)

Partying in Las Vegas is so intense that the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has become a slogan for the city. Las Vegas is considered to be the US city with the highest growth rate. It is well known for its bars, SPAs, stores, restaurants, luxury hotels, and of course, its casinos. It is definitely one of the best cities to visit in the USA!

3 — Los Angeles (California)

Tourists looking for the best cities to visit in the USA must go to Los Angeles, the glamorous “City of Angels”. There they will find a fun-filled schedule of parks, beaches, theaters, and studios. This is where the Walk of Fame is located: a place with terrazzo and brass stars containing  names of many famous people engraved on it. Among the celebrities are Michael Jackson, Elton John, Neil Armstrong, and many others.

4 — San Francisco (California)

Still within the state of California is the beautiful city of San Francisco. One of the greatest landmarks of the USA is located there, the Golden Gate Bridge, the most photographed bridge in the world! If you want to learn more about USA history, visit Alcatraz prison, located on the island of the same name, which closed in 1963 and reopened as a tourist attraction in 1973.

5 — San Diego (California)

The last stop in California would be San Diego, 190 kilometers away from Los Angeles. The SeaWorld San Diego water park is famous around the world. Balboa Park is another tourist attraction in the city: a beautiful urban park very close to places such as the San Diego Museum of Natural History. Also be sure to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, with more than 3,500 animals to see.

6 — Miami (Florida)

You must have heard of Miami Beach, right? The cultural diversity in Miami is impressive and definitely worth a visit! For a more educational outing, but still full of fun, how about visiting the Miami Aquarium? Meanwhile, you can shop outdoors at the Bayside Marketplace, in the middle of Downtown Miami.

7 — Boston (Massachusetts)

In Boston, the Freedom Trail is a neighborhood that will provide you with a historical walk, passing the sites of important events for the American conquests. Now, to check out a stunning view, head to the Boston Theater District, with restored historic buildings. Often renowned performances take place there, such as ballet performances and comedy theaters!

8 — Washington DC (Virginia)

Being the capital of the USA, Washington DC is packed with attractions. Besides its historical venues, the city is known as the food capital, with an unmissable restaurant scene. Another landmark there is the Washington National Cathedral, the sixth-largest cathedral in the world, in which the funerals of presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford have taken place.

9 — Chicago (Illinois)

Chicago has many popular venues, such as Millennium Park, marked by a large, polished steel sphere in its center that reflects its surroundings. The Buckingham Fountain is another beautiful and outstanding Art Deco style spot, with a large fountain surrounded by four seahorses, representing the border states of Lake Michigan.

10 — Seattle (Washington)

Seattle completes our list of the best cities to visit in the USA. In 1981, Seattle was nicknamed “The Emerald City” because of its green forests. To see these natural beauties up close, visit one of the most famous water parks or zoos, such as Wild Waves Park and Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

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