Living in Canada: 10 facts about Canada you probably didn’t know

Canada By Mitchell Steiman Jun 7, 2022

Canada is a very large country, and its territory is so big that there are many facts about Canada that someone who only lives there for a few years or months might never have heard.

Every year, Canada attracts thousands of immigrants in search of better quality of life. And if you are one of them, you might be glad to know those curiosities only the most patriots Canadians know.

To help people like you, who are still beginning to discover the country, or that would love to know more about it, we have separated 10 facts about Canada that will impress you. You can start packing your bags!


10 facts about Canada no one has told you

Check out below the facts about Canada no one has told you before moving there.


1 — Home of education

The first one of the facts about Canada is that 99% of the Canadian population is literate! This is the result of a country that invests a lot in the education of its people — Canadian teachers are well paid, and the selection processes are very demanding. Want another one? More than half the population has an academic degree.


2 — Very creative people

Another of the facts about Canada is that many great inventions were made there. Among the most famous are the telephone, electric stove, microscope, television, insulin, and basketball. Yes, one of the most beloved sports in the USA was invented by its neighbor (and rival).


3 — USA vs. Canada

The USA and Canada share the longest border in the world, with a length of 8,891 km, and the two countries have a long and healthy competition. They constantly make fun of each other. It is fair to say that this rivalry is more nurtured by the Americans, who love to mock the welcoming attitude of the Canadians.


4 — French colony

History says that the rivalry between Canada and the USA was born during the colonization period, since the US was colonized by the English and Canada was divided between the English and the French. By the way, after Paris, the second most French-speaking city in the world is Montreal.


5 — Lots of nature

Canada is a natural paradise! The country has about 25,000 lakes! One-fifth of the fresh water on the planet is there! In addition, half of the territory of the country is covered by forests. This means that the country has one-tenth of all the forests in the world. There you will find the grizzly bear and the moose, the national symbols of the country.


6 — Indigenous name

Canada was populated by Indians before the English arrived. The name of the country comes from a local word: Kanata. It means “the village”. The explorer Jacques Cartier heard this word while talking to the locals and used it to name the country.


7 – Unpronounceable Lake

This is one of the best facts about Canada! How about trying to pronounce the name of this Canadian lake: Pekwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik? Yes, this is actually the name of one of Canada’s lakes, located in the province of Manitoba. The meaning is: “place where we fish for wild trout with a hook”.


8 — Freezing cold

Yes, Canada is a cold country, with a lot of snow in winter. The country’s capital, Ottawa, is the second coldest capital on the planet — the first one is Ulaanbaatar, in Mongolia. But Canada is more than a good place to ski during the winter. It also has pleasant summers that make it possible to enjoy a nice swim in some of its lakes.


9 — One of the best countries to live

Canadian cities have been at the top of world rankings for quality of life and safety for years. In addition, unemployment in the country is low. Besides that, Canada is really receptive to foreigners. It even encourages migration because of its low demographic density.


10 — National passion

Hockey is the most loved sport by Canadians. They play it in schools, in universities, on courts, on grass, on ice. It is a big part of the local culture and you should definitely try to watch at least one of the national league’s matches. And why not take the chance to play a game yourself?


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