Send money online using your bank account.

Send cash directly from your bank account

Now sending money is even more convenient with Western Union. Send money online from your bank account and it can be picked up by your Receiver as cash at an Agent location near them.

> Watch a video on how to send money with your bank account


  • Send more for less – Transfer amounts up to $2,500 at fees lower than our other services
  • Easy and convenient to send 24/7
  • Money is ready to be picked up by your Receiver by 10 a.m. PT on the third business day after the day you sent the transaction
  • Add your bank account to your profile in order to easily send in the future with one click.

It's easy to send money by paying with your bank account. Here's how:

  1. Link a bank account to your Western Union profile
  2. Verify your bank account
  3. Send money once your bank account is added

Link your account by entering your account number and/or routing number. Then choose from one of the following:

Instant Verification: You will need to have online banking with your bank. Enter the login credentials for your bank in order to confirm ownership. Your information will be confirmed instantly, and you will be ready to send money.

- OR -

Delayed Verification: Use Delayed Verification if you do not have online banking or would rather not enter your login credentials. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose Delayed Verification as your Account Verification Method
  2. Once you do this, the process to initiate two deposits and one debit (totaling less than $0.99) into your bank account will begin. You do not need to do anything more until you see all three amounts in your bank account. Remember, this will happen over a 2-3 day period.
  3. When you see three amounts in your bank account, sign in to your profile and select 'Manage Bank Accounts'.
  4. Select 'Complete Verification' next to the pending account, and enter the amounts in your bank account.
  5. If the amounts match, your account is verified and ready to use to send money.

With either option, Western Union requires the linked account to be part of your profile until the money transfer is complete. Western Union is committed to protecting your identity and information. Adding your bank account to your profile and using it to pay for a money transfer is secure and convenient for you.

For more information on protection and security of your information, please visit our Consumer Protection Center.