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Western Union® understands the serious challenges NGOs encounter when trying to meet the urgent needs of people all over the world, in the face of uncertain economies, frustrating banking systems, and tight deadlines.

I need to... Western Union can help by:
Send cash to field workers and projects overseas. Enabling cash disbursement to Western Union Agent locations around the world.

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Capture online cash donations. Offering donors a way to give online with cash, and offering an alternative to credit cards.

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Send money quickly. Giving you the ability to send money after-hours to over 200 countries and territories, with access to more than 135 currencies (many of them exotic).

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Send large amounts of money on a regular basis. Allowing you to send multiple and/or recurring payments, with access to real-time exchange rates, and support from a dedicated FX specialist.

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Protect my funds from currency fluctuations. Providing a foreign exchange specialist to assess your organization's needs, and offer a strategy to help protect your organization's funds.

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Send a bill payment to a cross-border supplier, vendor, or contractor. Providing you with fast and reliable electronic payment options.

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