Join the Chain of Betters and help make the world a better place.

Here at Western Union, we believe better things happen when money moves. We see it every day. Better lives are created. Better futures. Businesses expand. A family connects. Children go to college. Economies prosper. Emergency aid arrives at the moment of need.

We believe the world today needs more good, so we are kick-starting a chain of good deeds that can spread all around the world. This is the Chain of Betters.

It started by giving 3 people money to make the world better for others. The Owusu family in Ghana used the money Western Union gave them to buy a generator to power their local hospital, so that safer maternity care could be provided. Rudra built a boat, so local school children in rural India could safely cross a river and never have to miss a day of school again. And Marilu in Mexico provided farmers in a nearby village pedal-powered mills, so they could grind their own corn.

These are the first ‘Betters’ we made happen. We now need your help and suggestions to create many more. How would you make the world a better place for others if you were given 1,000 USD*?

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* No purchase necessary to enter or win the Chain of Betters Challenge. Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents in eligible countries who are over 18 years of age. Subject to Terms & Conditions at Promoter: Western Union Financial Services, Inc.