Convenient. Just go to your nearest Western Union® Agent Location in Japan,
fill out the money transfer application form, show your identification documentations and the rest will be taken care of. Money is available for collection in the destination country after it is sent.


The SMS Payout notification service is available from participating locations

SMS service will help you to send messages to your loved ones enabling them to pick up their money more quickly and efficiently. If you include your mobile phone number on the money transfer application form, you will be sent an SMS notification message once the money has been received.
You can rely on Western Union for all your money transfer needs. It doesn't matter if you're sending a special gift to an old friend or taking care of family abroad, Western Union is there for you.

SMS Notification Service is only available for participating locations.

Transaction sent from Seven Bank ATMs, APPs and Famiport are not included.

Please note that some mobile phone number may be unable to receive SMS messages.

Complete the application form > Pay for your money Transfer and receive your receipt > Inform your receiver > Receiver receive the money, Inform by SMS

>Find a Western Union location near you >Information about fees



Money transfer is available 24 hours, 365 days at over 21,500 Seven Bank ATMs or online/mobile banking services.*1

Open a Seven Bank account and apply for the international money transfer service (free)

*1 The service is not available for receiving funds

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SEVEN BANK International Money Transfer Service App

Displayed in 9 languages

Exchange rate notification

Customer Center outbound call function etc


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Money transfer services are available at approximately 11,400 Famiports kiosks at FamilyMarts*2

Register yourself to obtain your ID number and password (free)

*2 The service is not available for receiving funds

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