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Report Fraud

If you've been victimized by scammers, be proactive—report your case to Western Union, law enforcement and other authorities. These are important steps to help prevent fraud and protect others from falling victim to scams.


Report to WU

If you used our money transfer service and believe the transaction was fraudulent, call us immediately. Tell us what happened. We want to help—and the only way we can is if you contact us. It’s easy–our toll free number in Jamaica is 1800 2733140.

If the transfer has not been paid, then we can stop the transaction and refund your money.

If your transaction has been paid and you wish to let Western Union know about your situation, you can file a claim with our fraud department at 1800 2733140 or by using our online fraud claim form to file a fraud report. The reports that we receive allow us to better track scams and help others from falling victim in the future.

It’s always troubling to us at Western Union when we hear of people who have lost money to some kind of scam artist. It’s especially troubling to find that a criminal has used a legitimate service as a way to defraud consumers.

Western Union commits significant resources—funding, people and technology—to fight fraud and help protect consumers from being victimized. We care about people who use our services—they work hard for their money, which is why we fight fraud and help to educate them about various types of consumer fraud and how to protect themselves. By working together with the media and consumer advocacy groups to educate consumers, we can help prevent unsuspecting individuals from becoming victims of consumer fraud.



Help Protect Your Loved Ones From Fraud.

Western Union maintains various controls for prohibiting the use of its money service systems by parties attempting to commit fraud or other crimes that could pose a risk to our consumers. If you suspect that a person you know is being victimized as a result of suspected fraud or crime, you can file an interdiction request, which will block that person from transacting with Western Union.


Download a pdf version of the Interdiction card

Report to Authorities

Reporting fraud can lead to more awareness and better education. We encourage you to contact your local law enforcement authorities if you believe you were a victim of fraud. You also can contact other consumer protection Resources.

Reporting fraud is critical: It helps us educate other consumers and can give authorities information about the latest frauds in the marketplace. We work frequently with police organizations around the world but it’s important to note that our role is not law enforcement and there are inherent dangers in trying to catch criminals, to both our Agents and customers. Because of this, and the fact that receivers can pick up funds anytime, from a broad number of locations, we cooperate with law enforcement agencies to help in the investigation and prosecution of people who take advantage of our services to commit fraud.


     Stay Informed.

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Think you've been scammed?

Report it. You can help us and, in the process, help others from getting scammed in the future.

Call our Fraud Hotline at 1800 2733140

File a fraud claim

Report to authorities

*Forward suspicious emails to


Note: Please *forward the suspect email –do not cut and paste the contents, because valuable tracking information about the source will be lost.