What's the best way to send money to the Philippines?

How to send money to the Philippines

Nowadays, there are seemingly countless ways to send money abroad. From apps to wiring cash over the phone, from transferring money from your bank account to moving it online, the possibilities are endless. It can be difficult to choose which method is best for you.

If you're living in the UK but you've got loved ones back in the Philippines, it's likely that you'll need to send money there from time to time. Maybe you’ll want to show them that you're thinking of them, or you want to provide financial support in the event of an emergency.

It's likely that you've become familiar with the unpredictable Great British weather, but the climate in the Philippines can be even harsher. You may find yourself having to send money home in a rush to help the people you love due to inclimate weather.

However, sending money overseas via the post can be extremely unreliable, while transferring it via the bank can come with hefty charges. Enter Western Union.

At Western Union, all of our international money transfer services are fast, easy-to-use, and reliable. We've been helping people to move money around the world for over a century, so you can count on us.

Here's a brief summary of the services we have to offer:


Send money to the Philippines online


In the digital age, it's easiest for many people to send money abroad over the internet or via a mobile app. At Western Union, we allow you to do both.

Simply log in online or via your smartphone, let us know how much money you want to move and where you would like to send it, and we'll begin processing your request straight away

If you choose to use our money in minutes service, your cash will be transferred to the Philippines within just minutes*. It really couldn't be quicker to send money via the web or from an app.

Try it for yourself if you haven't already. Sign up for Western Union and show your loved ones back home that you're thinking of them. It'll make their day.


Send money over the phone to the Philippines


It might be a bit more of a retro method, but people often say the old ones are the best, which is why we still offer our customers the opportunity to wire money over the phone to the Philippines.

We know that not everyone has a smartphone, but the majority has at least some sort of mobile, and we want our services to be as accessible as possible by everyone. You can still call 0800 833 833 to send money to the Philippines

Our agents are waiting to help you use our money in minutes* service - just tell them how much you want to send and where, pay via your credit card, and we'll provide you with a unique tracking number. Make sure you pass this on to the recipient, as they'll need it to pick up their cash from an agent location in the Philippines.


Send money to the Philippines from your bank account


If you'd rather send money directly from your bank card, we can help you to do that too.

Our direct-to-bank* international money transfer service allows you to send cash from your bank account in the UK to a friend or relative's account* in the Philippines. This is the ideal option if you want to set up regular, long-term payments, and you could even use the service to send money to your own bank account* back home so that you've got some money waiting for when you return in the future.

Alternatively, pop into one of agent locations that are situated up and down the UK's high streets, where you can send money to the Philippines in person.

Whatever method you choose, Western Union is here to help you move money for better - anytime, anywhere.

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*Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory issues, identification requirements, agent location hours, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Additional restrictions may apply. See Send form for details.