Foreign exchange rate to Pakistan

Foreign exchange rate to Pakistan

Do you need to send money to Pakistan? If so, you'll want to find the exchange rate too, as this will impact how much your transfer will cost.

Here at Western Union, we believe in making our customers' lives a little easier. Since we are industry experts, we make exchanging currency and transferring money simple. Our range of reliable money transfer options will swap your sterling for Pakistani rupees as part of your transfer, taking care of two things at once.


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Foreign exchange rates change constantly, so always look at the latest rates immediately before you send money. With us, you can see exactly how much you will pay with our price calculator. There are no hidden costs. We also offer locked-in exchange rates*, and there are absolutely no fees for the receiver. So, whether you're sending money to family, friends, or an organization, you can rest assured the transaction won't cost them a thing.


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Having been in business for more than 145 years, we are an industry leader in money transfer. Millions of people across the world trust us to help them lock down a foreign exchange rate and transfer money, so why not try us today? Send money to Pakistan now.

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*Due to local restrictions, in some countries exchange rates can only be fixed on receive