With Western Union, send more than money to your loved ones around the world.

Western Union is giving you the chance to help ring in the New Year by sending a personalized greeting card to your loved ones.

From 23/11/2016 to 31/12/2016, receive a promo code for every Western Union transaction carried out at participating locations, with our mobile app or at wu.com.

Each promo code can be redeemed at the wupostcard.com website where you can obtain a personalized postcard.

A physical postcard will be printed and sent to your loved ones, and Western Union will pay the postage. A maximum total of 10,000 postcards are available in France.

An electronic version of the postcard can also be downloaded and shared on Facebook via the wupostcard.com website.


How to send money with Click and Pay? It's easy!


Step 1

Send money with Western Union from a participating locations or at wu.com and receive a promo code.

Step 2

Enter your promotional code at www.wupostcard.com website and upload your favorite photo.

Step 3

Your loved one receive your greeting card for free.