All you need to know about sending money by post.

All you need to know about sending money by post.

Despite the popularity of online money transfer services, many people prefer postal services. Simple and easy to customize, sending money by post may seem outdated to some, but it has its advantages.



When might I send money by post?

Most people seem to abandon online services for the benefits of postal services for one specific occasion: birthdays. On this occasion it seems natural to send money. Cash, a check, or a gift card can be personalized with a card and a message through the postal services.

You can also use the post to pay for goods or services.



How do I send money by post?

For some, simplicity is one of the benefits of sending money by post. You can slip the money into an envelope and send it. But to make sure your money is safe, La Poste recommends that you take certain precautions.

For example, you can send your letter by registered mail, allowing you to track it and get proof of sending and delivery. To do this, you must also follow some common sense guidelines. If you send cash, send notes rather than coins and do not indicate on the envelope that it contains money, a gift card, or any other form of money.

Not only does sending a registered letter allow you to track your mail, but it also assures you of compensation if it is lost or damaged. You do not get this level of assurance with a standard post. It is a bit more complicated than simply stamping an envelope, but the added peace of mind is well worth it.

You may be surprised to learn that you can even buy this service online and print the postage necessary for mailing the envelope. This method is great for those who love the convenience of modern technology. You can also go to the nearest post office and buy this service in person. For more information on the various services offered by La Poste, visit



How long does money sent by post take?

It depends on what method you use to send your letter. If you use the registered letter service, it will be delivered in 48 hours, but you can follow its routing and delivery.

If you choose to take the risk of sending your money through a traditional service, it may arrive the next day with firstclass or later if second class. These times are only estimates and it is possible that your letter will arrive later.

Remember the contents of the envelope are also important. If you send a check by post and the recipient is in a hurry, you should remember that they will need a few days to cash it.



How much does it cost to send money by post?

Again, it depends on the service you use and the size and value of your letter. For more information, please visit the La Poste website at



Are there any restrictions?

There are restrictions on what you can send by post, but they do not apply to you unless you are sending something else with the money in a larger package. However, other restrictions apply, namely those concerning the different mail delivery options. This includes the hours of delivery and the compensation you are entitled to if your letter is lost.

For more information on postal service restrictions, visit



Is sending money by post secure?

The degree of security when sending money by post depends on the service you choose. You can find more information in the section "How can I send money by post?" above. Registered letters are the safest option for sending cash, checks, gift cards, or other forms of money by post.

Putting money in a greeting card and sending it by normal post is not very risky. After all, it is impossible for the thief to steal it or your personal data from you. However, if a thief does manage to get ahold of your money, you have no way of recovering it.



Is there a lot of paperwork?

No. Again, the number of documents to be filled out depends on the service you choose.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of sending money by post?

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