Welcome to the Western Union loyalty program - My WU

Welcome to My WU world!

Easy. Online. On the road.

In our mission to make money transfers a more painless affair, Western Union have created the MyWU loyalty program. You can exchange your My WU points on mywu.com/fr to get transfer fee discounts, rewards.



Enter your My WU card. Use your My WU number when sending a money transfer to collect points on your loyalty card.

Enjoy rewards and discounts



Exchange your points at mywu.com/fr to get fee discounts and special offers!


1 EUR transfer fee paid = 1 My WU point*

1 money transfer received = 20 My WU points**


You can exchange points as soon as you reach 50 points on your My WU card and start to enjoy rewards, get fee discounts and receive special offers.



Save with My WU. With My WU, you can get up to 20 EUR in fee discounts on your next money transfer.


My WU points EUR
50 5
100 10
150 15
200 20



Other great My WU features:


My WU can help you save time – make money transfers quicker by just showing your My WU card.

My WU sends you a transfer notification by SMS. Receive free notifications when your receiver withdraws money.

My WU keeps you updated. Receive the latest news about services and products from Western Union.

My WU rewards your loyalty. More you use My WU the more you benefit from our rewards and special offers.




* Once the points exchanged, your discount can be used to any money transfer.

** Not available in post offices.