As soon as we started offering Western Union service and installed the visibility kit that was provided to us, we saw our profits increasing. It had a real positive impact on our activity.
Western Union offers a really good commercial support and follow-up. We are often in touch with the agent hotline and the service is very quick and professional.
I am very satisfied of Western Union service and I am keen to continue this activity in the future.

Chandirakumar Shivapragash (FX house)
Singapore Exchange, Paris


I offer Western Union service since 15th of April, 2013 and it is really going well, since the beginning. Western Union is a world renowned company and this reassures me in terms of service quality but it also reassures my customers.
Western Union service allowed me to get more notoriety for my shop and to capitalize on cross selling opportunities at every occasion I offer the money transfer service.
For all of these reasons, I am very satisfied with Western Union service.

Germain Franc (News stand)
Maison de la Presse, Talence, Gironde


The service was proposed to us when we switched to the new automatic cash-registers; we received all the advertising materials which are key to generate awareness about the service. Most of all, we have seen an increased number of customers visiting our shop, thanks to Western Union.
The agent hotline is easy to get hold of, very competent and efficient.
We are really satisfied about our choice to work with Western Union and offer this service.

Serge Bouinier (Bar- Tobacco shop)
Café-Tabac LE MENESTREL, Collinée - Côtes D’Armor